Who won the free pass to the Commercial Theater Institute Weekend?

Before we announce who the lucky commenter was in this week’s Giveaway, let’s see the results of my little “What Does It Take To Be A Broadway Producer” poll, shall we?

If you remember, I asked which of the following characteristics was the most important quality for a Broadway Producer to have:

  • A Creative Mind
  • A Business Mind
  • Great Networking Skills
  • Access to or the ability to raise $$$

You know, I try to write my blogs a day in advance, at least . . . but when I set out to write this one yesterday, I couldn’t!  Because we had a tie!

Both “A Creative Mind” and “Great Networking Skills” were neck and neck at 33% of the votes.

Which one pulled it out?

As of early this AM, when I dragged myself out of bed to check the totals so I could finish this blog, the winner is . . .

It’s still a tie!

Oh, and by the way, what do I think is the best trait to have?  Well, I’d answer E – all of the above.  Like it or not, today’s Producers need to be a quadruple threat at every single one of those skills.

So who won?

Congratulations to . . .Clay Myers-Bowman!  You’re going to the CTI Weekend! Email me to claim your prize.

And the rest of you readers, don’t be upset you didn’t win.  We have a policy here that you can’t win twice in a row, and well, you are going to want to be eligible for tomorrow’s Giveaway.  It’s something you can’t buy, even if you wanted.


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  • Congratulations, Clay Myers-Bowman! The winner answer:

    “Access to or the ability to raise money trumps them all. If you have the money or skills and experience to raise money for projects (plays, musicals, movies, documentaries, etc.) you can buy the rest. While it helps to have an understanding of the creative and business processes, neither one of those alone will make your projects feasible. I don’t care what project you’re working on, feasibility goes up the more money you have. And if you have money, as they say in the movies: you don’t need no stinking network!”

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