Who won the CTI Workshop?

This was one of my favorite giveaways yet, because even I learned a ton!

There were more than 50 terrific tips submitted from all of you on how to produce a better reading/workshop or showcase, like . . .

  • I have never regretted coughing up a little bit of extra money to pay talented people for their time.
  • Don’t tell me how to feel about it.
  • You’ll learn more from watching the audience.

If you’re planning on producing a reading at any point in your career, read all 50 of the tips here.  And if you want My 5 Tips on Producing a Reading, click here.

And now, which one of those commenters is going to attend the CTI Workshop for free?

Congrats to Zanne Hall!  You win!  Email me to get info on securing your seat.

And the rest of you, go produce a reading.  🙂


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– Apply for our Associate Producer Scholarship on Macbeth.  Click here.

  • The CTI 14 Week Course was the reason I was able to produce a musical in London and regionally. I would absolutely take a refresher to catch up on the changes that have happened recently y were I to find a project I felt I had to get involved in. This is a GREAT prize. Bravo/va to the winner.

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