An all too early exit for a Broadway Producer.

Roy Miller Broadway ProducerThe Tony nominations were just announced a few hours ago.  And yesterday, I promised you a “report card” on how I did with my set of predictions.

But, that can wait . . . because awards are just a hunk of metal, after all.  It’s the people holding them that really matter.

Roy Miller was nominated for a few of those awards, including for producing The Drowsy Chaperone in 2006, a little show he found at the Toronto Fringe Festival.  And like all great producers do, Roy fed that little show, nurtured it, and kept it warm until it grew up into the big fat Tony Award winning musical that it was.

Unfortunately, Roy Miller passed away on Sunday morning . . . at the unbelievably early age of 52.

While 52, isn’t 32, I will always consider Roy part of the young guns of Broadway.  He was a one-man-hustling-machine that bounced between working at theaters (Paper Mill, Surflight) and producing shows like High Fidelity, Is He Dead, West Side Story, Ragtime, A Christmas Story and others.  He and I had talked about doing a show or two together no less than a couple of months ago.

And now he’s gone, which is a great loss for all of us.

Because I have a feeling Roy would have produced a lot more shows that ended with him holding a Tony.



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  • Sad. Life can be short. All the more reason to live it fully and with passion. Thanks for sharing the news Ken.

  • Peter Downing says:

    Roy was a lifelong friend, and like so many who knew him I am still in a state of shock and denialq about his passing. He loved the theater, and his many accomplishments and successes will live on as a legacy to a man who lived what he loved.

  • Roy was a good friend and trusted colleague. This has been a very difficult time.

  • Kathy Hochberg says:

    Lovely tribute Ken.

  • You’re a lovely man, Ken, to keep things in perspective like this. The theatre world is lucky to have such a compassionate man in our midst, and we join you in mourning the loss of Roy Miller.

  • I never met Roy Miller, but I saw The Drowsy Chaperone on Broadway 68 times (God bless them for having a lottery every night for the front row). I’ve also seen four non-Broadway cast shows. I love that show so much that when it was here in NYC I tried to go once a week — it was like church for me. Thank you, Roy, for all you did to bring this show to Broadway. I have told anyone who will listen that Drowsy will be performed for years and years to come because it’s just about perfect in every way. It will make audiences happy for so many years to come — so thank you, Roy, on behalf of everyone whose lives will continued to be brightened because of your hard work.

  • Rick Reynolds says:

    My condolences to all on this sad loss.

    Funny how the theatre brings such highs and lows. I just came from seeing the Scottish Play, which was nothing short of magnificent!

  • eva says:

    As far as I’m concerned he batted 1000. I loved all those shows you mentioned because not only were they my favorites but my now teenage sons as well who doesn’t even like theater but now and then will mention High Fidelity or Is He Dead Yet? Our favorite line is: Is she a kit?
    As for Drowsy I saw it at NAMT and the audience rebelled when it was cut off at 45 minutes.
    What a shame he won’t be around to give us high quality fun theatre that most producers would pass up for Drek instead.I’m truly sorry for your loss and for theatres’s loss.

  • Drew Cohen says:

    In the days since his passing, I have only heard the most positive things said about Roy. This is not just good manners, but a testament to a creative, smart, NICE person who will be missed by all of us. If anything positive can come out of such a tragic loss, perhaps it is that we will be motivated to enjoy every day and conduct ourselves in such a way as we want to be remembered.

  • I can’t stop the tears – AND- I know that Roy is a happy spirit, because he accomplished what he came to Earth to do. The warmth he added to our CTI 14 Week Program, that I was blessed to take part in, was immeasurable. The love he put into his productions and everything he did showed.

    My heart is with his family, including his theater family.

  • RLewis says:

    I sang and danced with Roy in Fanny at the Paper Mill Playhouse. He was a great guy, a lot of fun to work with… every day and every show, and he was a heck of an accordian player. I will miss him dearly. Only the good…

  • Richard L. says:

    I worked with Roy at Surflight Summer Theatre in 1975 when he was an apprentice and I was in the company.Even then he was a hardworking,talented and nice young man.I saw him a few years back at Surflight and we talked for quite a while and he gave me a CD for Drowsy awesome show.He was a class act!

  • Paul Ryan says:

    Roy now gets to join Joe Hayes again!

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  • Mary lee says:

    I worked with Roy when he was at PEPSI attached to their blimp program. Shocked to read about his passing just now nov 2017! Saw him only as “man with accordion” in a New Jersey play. He loved the Wizard of Oz especially the witch. Wow.

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