And my next project is . . .

A week or so ago, I tweeted a photo of me signing a contract for a show set to debut this fall.  Well, today, it’s time to announce what that show is . . .

As you probably know, I’ve worn a few hats in my day.  I produce, mostly, but have written a few shows (My First Time and the upcoming Somewhere in Time), and have even directed a couple as well (Miss Abigail, Awesome 80s Prom, etc.).

Well, I’ve been inspired by Alan Cumming’s one man Macbeth and have decided to get back on the boards . . . as an actor!  I started out as a child performer (as a 5 year old Steadfast Tin Soldier) and even got a degree in it.  I worked for years in the dinner theater/summer stock circuit and even did that big national spot for the iPhone.

But now I’ll be starring in a one-man show about the life and times of a childhood hero of mine . . . the former Governor of Massachusetts . . . Michael Dukakis

See the resemblance?

michael-dukakis Ken-Davenport

Ok, ok, I can’t even type this with a straight face anymore.  April Fools!

Have a fooly-filled day!

(Oh, and the tweet from last week was no fools.  There will be a new project announced later this week.  Honest.  If I don’t announce one, let God strike me down and give me Mike Dukakis’s eyebrows.  Oh wait, that’s not possible, because I already have them.)


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-Win 1 Ticket to the Private Invited Dress Rehearsal of Macbeth! Click here!

– Read Day #6 of The Associate Producer’s Perspective!  Click here!

– Macbeth starts performances in 6 (!) days.  Get tix.

  • Glen Kinnaird says:

    I think you would make a great actor, you have the look and your writing proves you are well spoken. Please let us know when your not fooling. Can’t wait to see Somewhere in Time, the musical. Hope to invite you to our reading soon. I think you will be interested in our concept.

  • Kathy Hochberg says:

    You crack me up! I love it…

  • Jeremy Terry says:

    I certainly fell for that one! Although, to be fair you do have a good look for an actor. I cannot wait to see what you will be working on next!

  • Michael M says:

    Okay — this was a(n) hysterical post! Maybe more so because I, too, was an actor raised in MA before relocating to NYC. The eyebrow thing and dear Kitty, too!

  • Stephen Buckle says:

    The last few days I’ve been going through your entire archive of TPP daily blogs – yes! a mammoth task of picking out the content relevant to my work here in London. Every now and then I take a break and look at my inbox, only to find your recent announcement. Umm.. I think, this is just stretching himself too far, wearing too many hats – I’m well aware of the ridiculous work load you have since I’ve just read it all going back to 2007. Then I think to myself, what about Ken’s investors? ..they must come first, his producer responsibilities. How do I lecture a leading Broadway Producer on the errors of his ways? Bitch. PS: Ken, we met at the CTI 3-day in 2012 which I flew over for, and saw Godspell decades after seeing the original staring David Essex in London.

  • Zanne Hall says:

    You wear so many hats – so you ever SLEEP?

  • Stephen Buckle says:

    Zanne, I asked Mr D’ the same Q’ last year at CTI.

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