Fun on a Friday: Honestly Les Miz

You know what’s great about kids?  They are honest.

When we grow up, we learn to be polite.  And sometimes that’s boring.  And definitely not funny.

You know what I mean . . . you go to see a show and then afterwards because you have friends in it, or because you think you should like it because it’s British . . . you just kind of say, “Wasn’t that nice,” when you’re actually thinking “That lead actor reminded me of Mr. Rogers on speed.”  And you know other people are thinking it too, but you don’t want to talk about it, because . . . well, it’s not polite.  Even though it could be very, very funny.

The folks at ScreenJunkies realized that just telling the truth about entertainment can be such a release that they released a series called HonestMovieTrailers.

And, they just did Les Miz.

That’s all that I’m going to say.  Watch.  Enjoy.  And then let’s all learn how to tell the truth . . . politely.  Because that’s the way you learn . . . and laugh.


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  • James says:

    Mom always said to say “Thank you.”

    Thank you!

  • Steven J. Conners says:

    I looked at the ScreenJunkies site. I’m surprised that you featured them in your blog. (encouraged us to go there!) Their take on Les Miz film is a true insult to a fine piece and the ridicule of the Harry Potter series is just inane. These people have lots of time on their hands and are trying to impress us with their quasi-intelligent (sophomoric) humor. Don’t give them any help. They deserve to go away. —sjc

  • Stephen Buckle says:

    Ken, sour grapes again? Keep your eye on the target – Theatre. More worthwhile would be to discuss how a movie release could add legs to the stage show through increased box office, cross marketing. (Not seen the movie but had good feedback from skeptics.) Do you have an irreverent theatre critics’ website like our

  • Bess Heitner says:

    LOVE this trailer. Kudos for finding it. Captures my reservations about seeing this much hailed film. Felt the same way about The Umbrelllas of Cherbourg so many years ago. Have forwarded this to lots of friends.

  • Susan Steiger says:

    Loved it – hilarious and all the reasons I thought the film was overrated. Also looked at their work on Lord of the Rings also hilarious – although I did love those films.

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