Win $500 in the 2nd Annual 10 Minute Play Contest!

The day after our 10 Minute Play contest ended last year, I had five emails asking me when I was going to do it again.

And those five emails told me we were on to something (I have a rule in business, and in life . . . if I hear the same comment from three people . . . it means I should do something about it, whether that’s, “I don’t like that scene in Act II,” or, “You should do that 10 Minute Play Contest again,” or “Ken, I think your shoes are ugly.”

Luckily, only two people didn’t like my shoes . . . but a whole lot of you liked my 10 Minute Play Contest.

So we’re doing it again!

And the real fun part is that on Thursday, June 20th, the 10 Finalists will be performed for an audience at our 2nd Annual 10 Minute Play Festival!  (See how we named that like the contest?  We’re no marketing slouches now are we!)

You can get all the deets on it by clicking here, but the bottom line bullet points are as follows:

  • Grand Prize of $500 smackerooos!
  • 9 other finalists will all receive $50.
  • Celebrity Judges and the Audience at the Festival will decide the winner!
  • Has to be brand spankin’ new (the point of the contest is to get everyone flexing their writing muscles).
  • Can be no longer than 10 minutes (10 pages).
  • Deadline for submission is Sunday, May 12th.  And that’s a firm, firm deadline.
  • Finalists will be announced here on the blog on Friday, May 24th.

So start crackin’/writin’ and submit a play.

Especially all you folks out there who have always said, “I bet I could write a play.”  A 10 Minute Play is a great starter step.

So just write it!


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