OBA Panel Alert: The ABCs of Producing Off Broadway

When I started producing Off Broadway in 2004, it was a challenging landscape.

With hard work, “a little bit of luck,” and a lot of guidance from experts in the field, I managed to make it work.

Nine years later, the landscape has gotten even rockier.  Which is why if you’re looking to produce a show Off Broadway, you better gear up for long hours and start collecting four leaf clovers.

And, most importantly, you should start seeking advice from those who’ve done it and those who are doing it now.  Learn what to do, and most importantly, what not to do.  (My favorite question from a panel I spoke on a few weeks ago was, “What was your biggest mistake when you first started?”)  You learn more from F-ups, then you do from success-ups.

The Off Broadway Alliance, a group of pros who have done it . . . many times over, and are dedicated to continuing to do it, and to help you do it even better . . . have put together a panel called The ABCs of producing Off Broadway this Sunday, April 7th at High Noon.  Doors open at 11:30 for a schmooze and bagel fest.

Panelists include Off Broadway GM Laura Janik Cronin (who was the Associate CM on Lion King when I was the Associate CM on Ragtime and we used to trade house seats to our two hits – until my company went bankrupt and hers, uh, didn’t.), Jeremy Handelman (Producer of F#%king Up Everything) and the Head Honcho at the OBA himself, Theatrical Attorney and General Manager, Peter Breger.

To get more info about the panel, visit www.OffBroadwayAlliance.com.  RSVPs are a must, and you can do that here.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the OBA started charging for these panels someday.  Until then, it’s free.  So if you’re thinking about producing Off Broadway . . . go.

And then pick up a rabbit’s foot while you’re at it.


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