Remember what your mom taught you to do.

One of my first lessons in manners from my Mom was the simple, “When people give you something, say thank you.”

The beginning of baseball season made me think of the Baltimore Orioles video posted below from last season, when they followed my Mom’s advice to the tee and just said thank you to their fans for coming to the game.  They didn’t ask them to follow them on twitter, or buy a hot dog, or upgrade their seat.  They did that later.  There’s always time to sell.  But businesses, including Broadway shows, or the industry in general, don’t often enough take a moment to say, “Hey, thanks.  We appreciate you.”

And for baseball and Broadway, it’s essential to be grateful, because let’s face it . . . we’re expensive.

Perhaps Broadway as an industry should have a Fan Appreciation Day?  Perhaps your theater could have a BBQ for its fans without charging admission?  Perhaps you could send thank you notes to your subscribers without telling them what’s on sale for next season?

People are used to being sold to all the time.  So for a moment, don’t.  And just say thanks for all they’ve bought already.

Because I bet that gets ’em to buy more.

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  • Kerri says:

    As a fan of baseball and Broadway, I wholeheartedly agree.

  • Becky says:

    Newsies did just that! A few weeks ago I received a card in the mail thanking the fans for getting them to Broadway and keeping them there for a year. It was a nice color picture with the entire cast. I thought that was pretty cool(even if thousands of people got the same card.)It was a nice touch.

  • Jeff says:

    Unless I’m supremely high right now, this is something you already did at Godspell where fans had pizza, took pictures with the cast, won prizes, and were even serenaded by swings.

    So, good idea, but you already did it, so cross it off your bucket list. 😉

  • Kathy Hochberg says:

    Thank you Ken! I appreciate you too <3

  • Margie says:

    So how about, instead of a free BBQ, you work it the way the smart Koreans and Chinese do in every NYC nail salon and massage parlor (on the level); they give you a card and they punch each visit; after your tenth visit, you get a free massage or manicure. How about after you 10th Broadway show (in ONE year w/the stubs/email confirm to prove it), you get a free B’way ticket?
    Just a thought.

  • Paula says:

    Thank you, Ken. You are right.
    FYI–When I have a friendly, box office person,
    that individual makes such a big difference in
    my perception of the show, the theater experience, and life in general. I see many, many shows.
    I saw Macbeth for the second time – once at
    Lincoln Center – last Monday. Alan is amazing and is very gracious to the fans waiting to greet him later. Kudos to you for all the
    work in bringing this to Broadway.

  • Cheryl M. Palmour says:

    Thanks for this message, Ken. I am the artistic director for Family Theatre in Columbus, Georgia. This is a great idea to put on our website to thank our supporters for being there for us.

  • janis says:

    Thank you Ken for this and every blog you’ve sent.

  • läsa mer says:

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