Who won Showbiz – The Novel?

If there’s one thing that this giveaway proved, is that there’s a lot of drama in the theater, onstage and off.

You all came up with lots of great ideas for potential future adventures for Scarlet, the heroine of Showbiz.  Not surprisingly, the story that people want to read the most about is the saga that is/was Rebecca.  And hey – you know what I say – if you hear the same comment from more than three people, there’s something to it.  Someone should be out there writing this sucker . . . because there’s an audience for it.  Maybe it could be ghostwritten by . . . wait for it . . . Paul Abrams.  (Get it? Ghostwritten?  Because he’s supposed to be dead?  If he existed, anyway.)

Ok, enough of my Catskills humor, let’s give away the bleedin’ book.

The winner of Showbiz is . . . Melissa Heeres!

Congrats, Melissa, you’ve got a great read coming to you.  Email me to get your book.

And let’s all hope for more Broadway books in the future, because the more people that read about it, the more people that will see it.


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