How a joke about the weather can pertain to your career.

I’m from New England.  And you know what they say about weather in New England?

“Don’t like the weather?  Wait five minutes.”

The funny thing is I’ve heard that joke about almost every geographic location on earth, from Maryland, to Memphis, to Mumbai.  Because, duh, weather changes, all over the world.

I’m writing this blog in the wee hours of the AM, just a few minutes after getting home from the opening night party of Macbeth.  (So give me a break if you see any typos or slurrrred worrrrds.)  And as I watched the performance tonight, and as I watched people celebrate that performance after, I couldn’t help but remember that three months ago, I had no idea I was going to produce this show at all!

It was mid January when I first got a call, and I had just settled in to a season of Kinky Boots and the developmental production of Somewhere in Time.  And sure, I wanted a spring show to lead produce, but by January, I have resigned myself to the fact that I would be satisfied with what was already on my plate.

And then, in less than five minutes, the weather changed.

I could have passed on Macbeth, like others had done.  There were plenty of practical reasons why I could have . . . too fast, six performances, etc.  But it had so many other things that got me so excited, so passionate and pumped up . . . that I couldn’t.  Could you?

Had I passed, I would have missed out on what is already one of the most rewarding theatrical experiences of my career.  (And if you’ve seen it, then you only know half of what I’m talking about, because as amazing as it is on stage – the off stage experience with the entire company and crew has been just as fulfilling.)

Besides, remember . . . I wanted my weather to change.  And it did.

And there will come a time when the weather will change in five minutes for you too.  Something will pop up unexpectedly.  Something a little crazy, a little exciting, and most likely a little scary, too.

Embrace it, don’t run from it . . . and hopefully it will be as sunny as it has been for me.


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  • Writing a chapter in a marketing book about blogging. One of the suggestions is to, every once in a while, find a way to inspire people. With posts like this!

    Congrats on what I’m sure was a great opening night.

  • Paul Argentini says:

    Bravo! My Dad would say, “Avanti! Avanti! Sempre avanti!”

  • Cat says:

    There is such power in saying, “Yes!” Back in January I designated 2013 as my “Year of Yes” and thus far it has rained down positive experiences on me, including starting a theatre company (Articulate Theatre) and premiering a show in a festival. As you say, there are so many reasons to say ‘no.’ But what kind of life would that get ya!?!
    Congrats on Mackers. I enjoyed seeing it.

  • Paula says:

    Congratulation on your “sunny” days! I saw
    Macbeth at Lincoln Center and last week on
    Broadway. Alan Cumming is amazing. He was
    very gracious meeting us after the show.
    Positive here waiting for a “sunny” day.

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