Broadway has the solutions to all the world’s problems.

I’m not smart enough to read The Economist.

Thankfully,  I have some friends that are . . . and one of them sent me a great article featured in this month’s issue that talked about The Broadway!  (I get all oogly inside when publications outside of our industry pay attention to what we do . . . because it means people who don’t normally pay attention to us, might do just that.)

The thesis of the article was something that you and I have known for a loooong time:  “Answers to almost all the world’s problems can be found on Broadway.”

It’s a fun article that calls for Kim Jong-un to listen to the lyrics of West Side Story, for Google to listen to Fagin, and more.

Read it here.

And then let’s hope that our Congress listens to this lyric:

You can drive a person crazy.
You can drive a person mad.
Now stop acting like a bunch of tubas and start working together and pass some laws that people actually want.

Huh.  I might be remembering that incorrectly.  But something tells me Sondheim will forgive me.


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  • Elisa Christina Clayton says:

    Love your topic today!

  • Ilene Argento says:

    LMAO! You have the greatest senseless humor!

  • George Rady says:

    Well, I’m afraid that Broadway – as much as I LOVE it – is only the distraction of “bread and circuses” that the Powers That Be encourage people to see… so they will continue to ignore the harsh economic realities that will play out in the next few years and will last for decades…

    (And I don’t think there are any lyrics or catch phrases that will mitigate that…)

    Namely we (the Govt by way of our lack of interest or even concern) is spending a trillion dollars more than it is taking in… and no one seems to appreciate what a “trillion” dollars is… kinda rhymes with a “million” and a “billion” but it would take 11 a half days to make a “million” if you made a dollar a minute… but 32 years to pay back a “billion” – wanna guess what a “trillion” would take??? (32,000 years)

    We are already 16 trillion in the hole.

    But “the Rich will pay it back for us!” is the standard of people who believe in the confiscation of private property (like Fagan) – problem is that we passed that point a decade ago…there are about 400 billionaires in the US today, so if you confiscate everything they have (not just tax their income but have the Govt steal every last penny they had…) that’s about 1.6 trillion i.e. about a year and a half of the Federal Govt spending (for get that the States will no longer be able to steal, er “tax”) after 1.6 trillion we’d be back to accumulating trillions in debt every year.

    But the biggest govt run ponzi scheme is Social Security and Medicare… by the most modest calculations, just the current senior citizens (thru the end of the Baby Boom) will already cost $65 Trillion Dollars… problem is that there is only about $56 Trillion “dollars” in the entire world today, add up all the deposits of the Arab Sheiks, the Chinese Generals and the Russian Mafia (er govt) so even World Conquest wouldn’t pay what people have been told to believe they are “entitled” to and had money confiscated throughout their lives to fund this… scam.

    So – hoping that politicans will “do” something is really a bipartisan issue to prevent this inevitable collapse only so long as they are no longer in office and got “theirs” and are off and away like any tin pot dictator from any banana republics…

    Their solution is to “monitize” the debt (QE2) keep printing money – that can no longer even “borrowed” – in the hopes that every American will ignore that already are liable for $52K and that can’t be borrowed and paid for over time… because there is no collateral on promises based on promises…


  • Absolutely! And July 15-20 Off-Broadway reveals the solution 😉 to the world’s financial crisis as NYMF presents The Pirates of Finance!

  • George Rady says:

    But Until then…

    Let’s Party like there’s No Tomorrow…

    And Celebrate Life as we Know It (because it ain’t gonna be this good for too much longer)

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