How to Create Your Own Producing Style.

An up-and-coming Producer sent me an email the other day asking me how I developed my own producing style.

And I answered, “What style?”

Like a fashion style, I don’t think one wakes up and says, “This is how I’m going to produce,” or “This is how I’m going to write,” or “This is how I’m going to practice law, lay a foundation for a house, or make a pizza.”

You just do it.

Well, that’s not exactly true.  You don’t just wake up and make pizzas or produce shows.  You learn from other Producers/Pizza makers.

And this is where your own personal style emerges.

For me specifically, I developed my own producing style in the way that I started to study acting.  At first, I was thrown into the world of the Strasberg “Feel The Coffee Cup” Method.  And it was good.  But then I took a Meisner class or two.  Some good stuff there as well.  But have you heard about Adler?  Or Practical Aesthetics?

There were elements of all of them that I loved.  And some I could leave behind.

So, like making a great stew (and I say that like I cook – which I don’t – but I’ve heard about it), I took the best ingredients from each of those styles and . . . well . . . made my own style.

And that’s what I did with Producing as well.  As I was coming up through the ranks as a PA, Stage Manager, Company Manager, General Manager and more, I had the incredible opp to work with some great Producers with amazing skills.  I learned from The Weisslers, Fox Theatricals, and Garth Drabinsky (and from him I learned some things to do, and a lot of what not to do).  I learned from Hal Luftig (who I’m honored to be producing with now on KB), Ken Gentry and a whole host of others.

As I worked, and learned, I subconsciously gathered the ingredients that I loved from those Producers, and created the way that I produce shows today . . . my own Producing Style Stew.

And I hope that what I’ve come up with is something hearty, tasty, nutritious and filling . . . with a spicy kicker as well.


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  • Stephen Buckle says:

    Part of my Business Policy is to avoid musicals that are media about media or entertainment about entertainment. That stance may well guarantee that I never have a hit since the Theatre World is awash with ‘self-indulgence’ successes like Phantom, A Chorus Line and Curtains. But that’s my way. (I’m yet to comment on yesterday’s topic – Smash, the TV series based on Broadway that has been pulled)

  • Daniel says:

    we love your style, Ken – rock on!

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