Shaiman smashes Smash: A love story.

Here are my Top 2 reasons why I love Marc Shaiman:

  1. He’s ferociously talented.
  2. He’s ferocious about speaking his mind.

Maestro Marc has been involved with a few online public debates over the years  . . . I’ve agreed with him on some . . . and not on others . . . but one thing is for sure, I’ve learned so much from every single one.

And his latest is no exception.

His “What Went Wrong with Smash” essay (which you can read here) is a masterclass in songwriting.  It talks about the inspiration and impetus for so many of the songs that appeared in the show, as well as how the songs were modified along the way thanks to the collaborative process . . . sometimes for better, and sometimes for, well, the opposite of better.

Marc is a smart dude, and he starts his post with the acknowledgement that Smash didn’t work.  And then he digs in to try and understand why.

That kind of acknowledgement and analysis is how we, as artists and producers, learn, so that the next time we do something, we have a better shot at success.

Read his article here.


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  • Shaiman has interesting things to say, but he makes it a bit complicated. None of the characters were likable, that’s why the show was cancelled. In television it’s the character/actor’s medium. They’re who we’re really caring about throughout all the crap the screenwriters and producers make up to throw at them and they are the ones who carry the show.

    In television, more than any other media, the audience can take a lot of bad scripts and mistakes in different seasons and episodes (how many times have you heard a fan of a show say “oh season x sucked but the rest are good”). But if the characters aren’t likable your show is going to cancelled quicker than boo. And that’s the case with Smash. You can have the bad guys on a show do some good things, but they need to be bad. And good guys can do bad things, but if they go too far you lose the audience. Karen and Ivy and all the other characters went just too far towards obnoxious or mean and then vulnerable and innocent for you to care about them or have a grasp on who they are. And so the show is over.

    • I think Smash was the best show on television as did my wife.I am a television music writer,ABC,CBS,-HBO main theme,Gulf Channel, Cinemax.”When it was a game”(HBO),Real Sports,Inside the NFL, many HBO specials etc.Two Olympics for NBC.The music of Smash..amazing!! ever on TV.
      1-800-836- 6800-Please call I have an concept for this to live again!
      Ferdinand Jay Smith

  • Marvin Levitt says:


  • It’s fun to hear everyone’s opinion on why SMASH didn’t work … but beyond the “why,” I thoroughly enjoyed Marc’s insight into the writing of each song. What a great behind-the-scenes glimpse into Marc and Scott’s process. Thanks for sharing it, Ken!

    • I have read Marc’s piece, but have neither seen the show, nor yet watched the clips that Marc provided, though I will soon. Even so, one senses in his description of the process, the fact that too many people were muscling in on how the show should look. A work of art is usually the result of one person’s (or, in the case of musicals, two people’s) creativity, vision and style. How it could all hold together, with so many people wanting a piece of the action, is a mystery to me. Picture Rembrandt in his studio, with half of Amsterdam fighting over his paintbrush handle.(!)

  • Nathan says:

    I read this when it first came out and found it profound-idly (is that a word? it is now) interesting. It just illustrates one of the three reasons I think Smash didn’t work.

    1) Two Many Cooks in the Kitchen – with so many people allowed to have creative say in the process, the message and the story of the show got muddled. The vision wasn’t clearly held by all parties which lead to…

    2) Too large of a concept – doing a show about “Broadway” is just too big. There’s too much going on at all times, and too many people doing too many things. There were so many fascinating story lines in Smash that could have been their own show but in an attempt to tell the entire Broadway story, there wasn’t a focus on one story which made the central plot hard. I mean I’m still not sure who the leads were in this show. Even in strong ensemble based shows (The Office and Glee come to mind) you can pick out half a dozen (or fewer) main characters who’s story line continues through each and every episode.

    3) Dulling down of characters – this is a business where people actually are caricatures and we saw little of that in this show at all. It was almost like they didn’t want to offend anybody or play into any stereotypes at all. But Ellis – who maybe could seem slightly one dimensional – was actually the most interesting character on the show. Sure there were some moments like Derek Wills, Julia’s affair, and Jeremy Jordan’s angstiness, but overall the characters seemed boring and unrelateable. The reason theatre would make a GREAT TV show is because there so many times each day when we say “is this real life? is this really happening?” and the show failed to capitalize on the drama of those moments.

    Bonus Reason the show failed) Bollywood number

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