The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Billy’s Unspeakable Acts

Oh PP readers, let me pull a Jimmy Swaggart and just admit it.  I lied to you.

I told you in yesterday’s blog that I’d have a $1k giveaway today.  And I don’t.  The $1k giveaway is next week.

But don’t fret. Today’s giveaway is priceless.  🙂

This week I’m giving away two tickets to a brand new show called Billy’s Unspeakable Acts.  You don’t know who Billy is?  

Well, Billy is a @%$.  

What four letter word did I mean by a @%$?  Parents, cover your children’s monitors . . .

He’s a . . . a . . . mime.


Billy’s a pretty famous @%$, actually, having sold out shows all over the world and gotten some great notices in the process.  And now he’s bringing his “Unspeakable Acts” (Get it?  “Unspeakable?”) to the city.  What are those acts?  Well, how about such family friendly routines like . . . “Whitney Houston’s Last Bath,” “Dinner with Jeffrey Dahmer,” and . . . oh boy, that one is so controversial, I’m not even going to say it.  You can check out the rest of Billy’s stylings at the official website here.

And one of you is going to get to see this @%$ and his unspeakable acts in person for free-zies!

How do you win?

To call Billy a little controversial is like calling Wicked a little successful.  But controversy sells, right?

What’s the most controversial thing you’ve seen on stage . . . for better or for worse?  Comment below with what has ruffled your feathers, for better or worse, and you could win the tix!

_ _ _ _!

(That was “mime” for “Go!”)


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  • Brian says:

    Easily The Book OF Mormon. I saw it in previews and sat next to a woman who was easily 75 years old. When I came back to my seat at intermission the woman said,”we are going to hell for not leaving at intermission”. She paused then finished “but it is so funny it will be worth it!”

  • John P. says:

    “You’re Welcome America” hands down.

  • Teri says:

    Green Day’s American idiot. Controversial in a good way.

  • Claire says:

    The Testament of Mary was one the most controversial shows I’ve seen.

  • Kayleigh Webb says:

    The most controversial show I’ve ever seen is most likely going to be Avenue Q. I saw it on tour when it came to this tiny college in Illinois. Avenue Q was a matinee pitstop during a road trip to St. Louis to see the National tour of Next to Normal. I’d never seen Avenue Q before or heard it, and the whole ride there (a good five hours, I must say) my boyfriend kept assuring me that I was going to freak out and that it was the funniest thing he’d seen on stage. And I said “What could happen? Puppet sex?” His snicker should have been my answer. Anyway, by the time it gets to intermission, I’m blue in the face from laughing and I notice that all of the older theatre goers around me just don’t seem to enjoy the humor as much as I did. Too this day, Avenue Q is one of my favorite shows. It may seem weak compared to some controversial shows out there, but when you’re a theater lover in Mississippi, you take what you can get!

  • Cheryl Dzubak says:

    The nude part in Hair. Oh! Calcutta too, except I never saw it.

  • Dean Ackerman says:

    I may be dating myself, but seeing Jean Lapotaire pee on stage in Piaf when I was in my teens had to be the most controversial thing I have seen on stage to this day.





  • Cara says:

    I think I’m going to have to go with Naked Boys Singing – which is exactly what it sounds like. While the subject matter may not have been controversial, the “matter” that the audience was subjected to was surely shocking!

  • Amy says:

    I saw a show at the Orlando Fringe Festival in 2012 called “Mysterious Skin.” It was about a teenager who thought he had been abducted by aliens but come to find out, he had been molested by his baseball coach when he was 8 and had suppressed the memory of it. I understand the purpose of graphic material and nudity in a show but this seemed incredibly gratuitous from start to finish. A graphic and I mean, SHOCKING 4 page monologue from one of the characters, describing every moment of his coach molesting him seemed unnecessary, especially when the character or the play never resolves why it’s happened in the first place. Easily the most controvertial thing I’ve ever seen.

    I’m also pretty sure everyone reading this will want to read the script now 🙂

  • Ashley De Simone says:

    I have to call out the 2010 drama That Face, by Polly Stenham, in which the lead (adult) male (Christopher Abbott, now in Girls on HBO) went to the bathroom on stage in a desperate attempt to get his (raging alchoholic) mother’s attention. It was wild, and extremely uncomfortable for all of us in the theater. The technique worked because the actor was available afterward and all anyone could talk about was the “pee scene!”

  • Kyle Abraham says:

    I saw the play Angry Fags at 7 Stages Theatre in Atlanta. There is one scene where one of the characters suffocates another character with a pillow while dubstep music is playing in the background. It was intense, but I think it was too intense.

  • Paula says:

    One of most controversial shows I’ve seen on
    Broadway was Spring Awakening with the young
    girl’s first sex experience – a part of the
    action on stage.

  • Howard says:

    In 1986 I saw an astonishing play called JERKER by Robert Chesley, in which two men, for a good part of the play, communicated entirely through phone sex calls and masturbated onstage. This was, I hasten to mention, in the early part of the AIDS epidemic when people were afraid to even touch those who were ill with the mysterious disease. Phone sex was one of their few sexual outlets. And the play’s characters developed a much deeper relationship before one of them (inevitably for that time)no longer answered the phone, having died. The play evolved from being shocking to extremely moving.

    Parts of the play were broadcast on a Pacifica radio station, causing so much controversy that the FCC sanctioned the station and broadcast regulations on indecency were made more stringent.

  • The most shocking – and funniest- thing I ever saw onstage was in “The Book of Mormon” when (spoiler alert! Stop now if you haven’t seen it) Elder Price comes back on stage with an X-ray with a book -or should I say THE book- in his rectum. The audience laughed for a solid 2 minutes. Laughter is the most beautiful sound in the world, is it not?

  • The most controversial thing I’ve seen on stage: The first show I thought of was a Broadway show called, “We Interrupt This Program” (1975, Ambassador Theater) – A group of angry black men interrupt the show and hold the audience (the real audience) hostage for the release of a friend who is in prison. — At least that’s how I remember it.

  • Ryan McCurdy says:

    Maybe I’m a dangerous libertine but I can’t think of a single stage production that has actually been controversial in my eyes. Interestingly, the one that should have taken the cake (Thomas Bradshaw’s ‘Burning’) was so manufactured that it didn’t even faze me. I was at Soho Rep on Saturday and was talking to some people about Sarah Kane’s ‘Blasted’. I think that might have done the trick if I’d been able to see it.

  • Rachel Elizabeth says:

    Maybe this speaks to my low threshold for controversy, but the drug use and assault of Bess in Diane Paulus’s The Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess left me squirming!

  • Tim R. says:

    It was definitely Albee’s ‘The Goat’… So controversial that I saw it four times!

  • Jeannie Z says:

    Spring Awakening!! We saw it at least a dozen times. What an experience sitting on the stage…I wish I could go again.

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