Who won the Tickets to The Call at Playwrights Horizons?

One thing is for sure . . . we’ve got some terrific Mad Men and Women on this blog, because your answers to this week’s “Make A Tag Line” Giveaway were great.

And this one was a challenge!  (Reminds me of creating the line for Altar Boyz . . . oy!)

Take a look through the suggestions, and see which one you like . . . and more importantly, which would get you, as a potential ticket buyer, interested in learning more about the project.  (Hmmm, blog topic coming up on Tag Lines, I think . . .)

My favorite, and the winner of our The Call contest, used a theme that many of you did . . . which said to me it would resonate with a large audience.

Congratulations to Sarah P for her tag:  Annie and Peter are about to learn that parenting isn’t so black and white.

Email me for your tix, Sarah!

And this was so much fun, I promise some more Create-A-Tag-Line Contests in the future!


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