Design and Marketing Associate – Second Stage Theatre

WHO: Second Stage Theatre

POSITION: Design and Marketing Associate

DESCRIPTION: The Design & Marketing Associate is responsible for maintaining, creating and distributing digital content pertinent to Second Stage Theatre; supporting the marketing department with single ticket and subscription campaigns; maintaining a consistent brand image across all media, platforms and materials; and expanding and improving Second Stage Theatre’s digital efforts by strengthening current digital media and exploring emerging platforms. Specific duties include:

Print Design

-In-house creation of all print collateral including: window cards, rack cards, posters, newsletters, invitations, banners, trade ads.

Digital Design

-Create all e-mail blasts to subscribers and single ticket buyers, working with the Director of Marketing & Communications and the Marketing Associate to develop an e-mail strategy and mailing schedule

-Convert print pieces to be e-friendly

-Create web-friendly images for 2ST web site and e-mail trades with other organizations

-Maintain the content and media on the 2ST website, updating information as needed.

Social Media

-Create and implement social media strategies on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our Podcast to increase fan growth and promote 2ST programs

-Respond to fans and followers on social media accounts in a timely manner

-Track and evaluate success on each social media account

-Create and/or promote 2ST video content for YouTube channel


-Support Marketing Associate and Director of Marketing & Communications with subscriptions and single ticket campaigns

-With the Marketing Associate, help coordinate and oversee various marketing events to foster subscriber relations

-Create print and digital materials for other departments including brochures and event invitations

2ST is an equal opportunity employer.

To Apply: Qualified applicants should send cover letter, design examples and resume to

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