Fun on a Friday: Not everyone watches the Tony Awards.

The only party game more fun that YouTubing “people falling down” is watching polished and poised News Anchors f*@# up.  They’ve got perfect hair, perfect skin, and speak in some kind of British-robot accent that they must teach in broadcast journalism school.

So when they go off the rails, like this lady, it’s effin’ hysterical.

Here’s a great one, sent to me by one of my favorite readers, that while pretty dang funny, is also a great reminder that not everyone follows Broadway like we do.

Enjoy.  Oh, and Mr. Anchor?  Look me up if you come up to NYC . . . let me treat you to a musical and a little Broadway schooling so next year, this doesn’t happen again.


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  • Elisa Christina Clayton says:

    I live in Atlanta and I was one of the disgruntled viewers that immediately called the CBS affiliate’s newsroom to complain and because of their cavalier attitude voiced my disappointment and anger on their Facebook page. And even though the anchor read the copy it was another idiot in the newsroom that wrote it.

    Thankfully, the Atlanta area theatre community raised so much hell that the next day the station began every newscast from 4 PM to 11 PM with an apology and the rebroadcast of the Tony Awards broadcast they cut.

  • Randi says:

    How is that even possible? No one editing the copy in newsrooms? Imagine what else they get wrong…

  • Daniel K. says:

    “…and in other news, June is bustin’ out all over…”

  • Kerri says:

    “The Trip to Bountiful Pippin.” What would that even mean?!

  • Gail Bartell says:

    The screen is blank with no way to watch the video you sent. Could you send again? Thanks.

  • Paula says:

    How would they present that in a Charade’s game?
    Wow! Ken, send the station some Playbills.

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