Marketing and Promotions – Handybook

WHO: Handybook

POSITION: Marketing and Promotions

DESCRIPTION: We’re looking for confident, fun and energetic individuals with great communication skills to join our promotional team.

Flexible work, competitive pay and a really fun working environment. Plus, the weather is great outside now, so you basically get paid to bask in the sun (and talk to people). Also, free snacks and drinks always at our office!

We already have some great actors and comedians on our team, and we want to add more.

If you’re personable, outgoing and have good communication skills, you’re exactly what we’re looking for!

To Apply: Send a resume and head shot to this email to apply


  • Emily Sutherlin is also the Pregnancy Examiner, Celebrity Examiner
    and Women’s Issues Examiner. Develop a Persona for Each Social Media Profile – Simply having a social media presence isn’t enough to guarantee a successful marketing
    campaign. She then allowed him to kiss her cheek, and three years of
    hard work had paid off.

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