What I do the day after the Tony Awards.

For everyone in the biz, the day after the Tonys is a busy one, especially if you have a new show running.  Wraps are analyzed, new ads are placed, closing notices are prepped . . . and all through the fog of a few hours sleep and a Broadway-sized hangover.

Whether or not I have any or all of the above to do, or whether or not I won, lost, was or was not nominated, I always make sure I do one thing the day after the Tony Awards.

I take a cue from Hal Prince.

The morning after he opened a show, Hal always made sure he cleared his calendar for one very important meeting.

Was it the ad meeting for the show that opened?  Was it a budget meeting with his GM to see how they ended up?


It was a production meeting . . . for his next show.

As he talks about in his biography (which is one of the best – and I recommend it for anyone looking to be a Producer/Director of Theater Anything), one of his traditions was to always schedule a meeting about whatever show was next on his docket for the “day after” whatever show he was working on.  Doing this made sure he:

  • Didn’t revel in the previous night’s success (if it was a success)
  • Didn’t sulk from the previous night’s failure (if it was a failure)
  • Always had another project ready to go, because he knew part of success is just about continuing to DO.

So the morning after this year’s Tony Awards, I had one meeting for a new show that I haven’t mentioned to anyone, and I spent an hour coming up with 3 ideas for other shows that I wanted to do.  The Tonys always inspire me to want to do more, and I let them . . . and use that inspo as fuel for what’s coming next.

There’s a reason why Hal has 21 Tonys on his mantle.  Yes, it’s because he is uber talented and could direct a 2nd Grade production of “Bunny, Bunny, Where’s The Bunny?” and make Ben Brantley weep . . . but it’s also because he understands that the secret of success is not celebrating it.  It’s just doing what you do . . . and letting whatever happens, happen.

Do it enough, and with enough passion, and the success will catch up with you.  I guarantee it.


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  • Great thoughts and motivations today! It even inspired my own blog entry. One of Prince’s quotes I found from Playbill said, “I really don’t spend time thinking about the past. I think about the future. I’m not stopping.” He apparently lived by this code, not just on days after big shows, but every day of his life. What an inspiration!

  • John David says:

    Congrats and bravo on your success. Well deserved! I know there are many, many good things ahead!! Keep smiling!

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