Who won the tickets to Falling for Make Believe?

Alright, if someone out there isn’t doing something theatrical with the Rebecca saga, then you are missing out.  Just look at how many of you suggested a “ripped from the headlines” drama about our financing-FBI-riddled scandal from last year!  A play, a documentary . . . a fringe spoof even! Give us something!

You all had some other creative ideas as well (check ’em out here), from Sondheim and Bernstein collaborating on West Side Story (You all know it was originally called East Side Story, right?) to Shia LaBeouf’s departure from Orphans with dramatic readings of his tweets.

But the winner of the tickets (by random selection) is . . . Michael Penna!

Congrats, Michael.  You’re going to see Falling for Make Believe in LA!

Email me to set up your seats, and make sure you come back and tell us if you liked this world premiere musical.

And the rest of you Giveaway lovers, giddy-up, because it may be summer . . . but the new Broadway season is already underway, and we’ve got tickets to a new Broadway show to give you tomorrow!


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