Happy (Producer) Independence Day.

As we all take a moment today to celebrate the independence of our wonderful (even though at times dysfunctional) nation, I thought we should also take a moment to celebrate the Independence of Producers.

We’re a pretty lucky breed to live in a country where there is a strong enough economy, and a strong enough passion for the theater, to generate thousands upon millions of audience members eager to see new works, old works, and a bunch of things that don’t works.

And as Independent Producers, we are blessed to have the freedom to produce what we want, when we want, the way we want.

We just have to want it badly enough . . . you know, like a certain group of colonies wanted it badly enough two hundred plus years ago.

And as they learned, and as all of us Independents know . . . Independence ain’t easy.

It’s kind of like . . . well, remember when you wanted nothing more to move out of your parent’s house . . . only to be starving for a home cooked meal and someone to do your laundry not too long after you got out?

Being independent is a challenge.

But it’s also a blessing . . . and an absolute blast.

Happy 4th.


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  • Aaron Loo says:

    Only in America where being independent has been the birthplace of geniuses. Happy Independence Day to all the dreamers who follow their passion no matter what. And much gratitude to all the veterans who allow us to have the freedom to enjoy because of their sacrifices. Aloha and Mahalo!

  • Paula says:

    We are very fortunate to live in the United
    States of America, where we can enjoy personal
    independence–yes. Happy Birthday America-
    –that’s why we celebrate this day! Remember July 4, 1776 – our first day of independence. Thank you
    to all who continue to preserve and protect our
    nation’s independence.

  • Producers, designers, actors,artists of all kinds. It’s a god life, but not for all.

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