How to design your office – Broadway style!

David RockwellYou know what I love about David Rockwell?

He’s the King of the Crossover, designing everything from hotels like the fabu Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas and restaurants like Nobu to airport terminals at JFK (Please redo LaGuardia, David, for the love of God, please redo LaGuardia).

And, when we’re lucky, he slums it with us on Broadway and designs shows like, um, Kinky Boots!

David also knows, like we do, that Broadway is the key to happiness, success and world peace.  So, in this article from Bloomberg Businessweek (I love it when Broadway gets on the business pages), he offers five tips on how to design your office with Broadway in mind to help spice up your work place.

(Of course, most Producers offices are the size of postage stamps, so we usually spend most of our time designing how to fit two people in the same room at the same time.  Nevertheless, enjoy David’s tips!)

Read the article here.


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  • Kristi R-C says:

    What he says about lighting is 100% correct. Too many people in offices which are too bright and thus tire them out. It’s part of why I left the corporate world to work in live theater!

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