The Sunday Giveaway: Two Tickets to See Ramin “Phantom” Karimloo!

We all know that sequels on Broadway   . . . well . . .  blow.  There hasn’t been one yet that has broken this age-old tradition of sucking that I wrote about here.

Phantom II had the best shot of them all, but unfortunately it too fell prey to the unfortunate curse of the sequel.

But there was at least one great thing that came out of Love Never Dies and that was the performance of Ramin Karimloo.  It was his performance of the Phantom’s big song in this video that got me jazzed about the show, and crossing my fingers that it would make it to Broadway, and play just a few blocks away from its birth-mother.

It didn’t.

But guess who did?

Ramin is stateside for 3 performances from August 1st – 3rd singing tunes from his latest album, Human Heart, as well as covering a collection of Broadway tunes, and, you can bet that he’s going to wrap his voice around some Phantom tunes as well.

And one of you is going to check it out for free.

Wanna win?  Here’s how:

What Broadway (or West End) performer would you like to see give a cabaret performance?  Who do you want to get up-close-and-personal with?  Who do you want to hear sing a tune, and more importantly, speak some patter?

Tell me who . . . living or dead . . . and bonus points if you name the show. Example:   Barry Manilow, I wrote the songs and now you’re gonna listen to ’em.



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  • KL says:

    Andrew Rannells
    “Songs from The Book of Normal”

    Corey Cott
    “Broadway’s Newbie”

  • Sarah P. says:

    Well, thanks to 54 Below so many fabulous Bway folks have already done just that 🙂 , but one that I’d love to see would be another Phantom, Hugh Panaro! The man has the most delicious, divine silky voice (seriously, it’s like rich melted chocolate), and I bet after all his years in the biz he has some fun stories to tell, too…hmm, not sure of a catchy title for it, though. Oh, I’ve got it! Since he’s also a former Raoul – “That’s All I Ask of Hugh”! Hehe.

  • Andy Gordanier says:

    Joel Grey- “50 Shades of Joel”

  • Ruojing says:

    Stark Sands
    “Forever Young”

    John Owen-Jones

  • Brian says:

    John Barrowman – Who I Am

  • Hands down–
    Laurie Beechman, in “Star to Be”

  • Maria says:

    Colm Wilkinson!

    “No Lips – No Problem!”

  • William Statham says:

    Ethel Merman “The Gypsy In Me”

  • Nathan C says:

    I would love to see a Cabaret featuring Sutton Foster called “Thoroughly Modern Foster” (due to THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE being her first show as a lead)and it be her singing showtunes she sang and roles she wants to play.

    I would also love to get to know Patti LuPone!

    Another Cabaret performer I would like to see have their own Cabaret performance is Matthew James Thomas: the current Pippin. It can be called “MJT: Turn on the Spotlight”

  • Cara says:

    Jeremy Jordan : Bang! SMASH! Headline!

  • Queerbec says:

    From across the pond: Julia McKenzie doing “Forget the Marigolds and Dowager Countesses: I’m Still Here!”

    and from here: Danny Burstein and Rebecca Luker in “The Right Girl”

  • brian says:

    When forbidden Broadway wad started, gerard performed as well. Therefore, a perfect cabaret would be gerard alessandrini, the forbidden truth.

  • Tony Pino says:

    Would love to hear once again & up and personal with ANDREW SAMONSKY as seen in somewhere In Time he can sing a variety of songs dedicated to the Theater he’s a funn guy and has a great haunting voice let’s see him at the Cabaret now not somewhere in Time-thank you. In the mean time I want to see
    he & Andrew have so much in common a duel.

  • Tony Pino says:

    Would love to hear once again & up and personal with ANDREW SAMONSKY as seen in somewhere In Time he can sing a variety of songs dedicated to the Theater he’s a funn guy and has a great haunting voice let’s see him at the Cabaret now not somewhere in Time-thank you. In the mean time I want to see
    he & Andrew have so much in common a duel.

  • jennifer terstenyak says:

    Anthony rapp or alan cummings

    bernadette peters

  • jennifer terstenyak says:

    Anthony rapp or alan cummings

    bernadette peters

  • jennifer terstenyak says:

    Anthony rapp or alan cummings

    bernadette peters

  • Donna Mather says:

    Michael Cerveris: Sweeney Todd

  • Kathleen Smith says:

    I would like to see and hear Gavin Creel do a selection of songs he has sung both on Broadway and the West End. I have enjoyed his performances since I first saw him in a regional performance in 2000.

  • Randi says:

    I’d love to see Julie Atherton perform again, in any capacity. Her Kate Monster was one of my favorite West End performances from the past several years. And I’d love to hear her sing “More Than One Way to Fly”; the only online version I can find has horrible sound.

  • Bruce says:

    This person doesn’t meet your criteria of Broadway or West End because he’s Australian. I’d really like to hear/see David Campbell perform. He was in the Encores production of Babes In Arms and may have done some cabaret work in NYC back then. But, to my knowledge, he has not been back in the U.S. What a performer/singer! The title of his show would have to be “It’s So Nice To Be Back Home Where I Belong.” Can you work your producer magic and get him to NYC?

  • Rick Shulman says:

    John Barrowman!!! Captain Harkness sings like a Matador.

  • Will Chase –
    He mysteriously presents “BOTH SIDES OF THE COIN” RENT free! Certain he will give a SMASHing performance.

  • Lindsay Fabes says:

    I would love to hear a Josh Young cabaret. He definitely hasn’t been given the credit he deserves! And he probably has some awesome stories about working in both the West End and Broadway.

  • Leslie Rosenberg says:

    Karen Carpenter
    I’m literally on top of the world!

  • Linda says:

    I’d love to see Santino Fontana do a cabaret show. It could be called Two Princes (because he’s playing two princes this year).

  • Marc Miller says:

    I would love seeing Elaine Paige perform in New York again. Show title–“Great Big Things Come in all Sorts of Packages.

  • Brittany says:

    Hugh Jackman in “I Honestly Love Hugh”

  • KENI FINE says:

    Diana Ross…
    “Ain’t No Marquee High Enough”

  • Grace says:

    Raul Esparza!

  • Tim R. says:

    “Lucille Ball: Ricky, this is my damn show!”

  • Dave says:

    Len Cariou in CARRY ON, CARIOU.

  • Pat says:

    Hugh Jackman! The show could be called HUMAN with a logo something to the effect of:

    [H U] g h j a c k [M A N]

  • nancy cohen says:

    Jim Dale ..warmth and humor

  • nancy cohen says:

    Jim Dale ..warmth and humor

  • Courtney says:

    Raul Esparza REALLY needs to do his Sondheim cabaret in NYC.

  • Tom Mc. says:

    Reba McEntire
    I got the songs in the mornin’ and the tunes at night!

  • Michael says:

    Patina Miller: Not Just a Random Black Girl Singing the Soul

  • Brad Buchholtz says:

    Fellow Canadian import to London Alex Gaumond

    “Across the Border by Way of London”

  • Rick Hinkson says:

    Caroline O’Connor. she was SO amazing on the tony awards, and i didn’t get to see A CHRISTMAS STORY.

  • Bryan Austermann says:

    Carol Channing – Hello, Carol.

  • eva says:

    Agree about David Campbell and Hugh Panero but I’ll go with Mandy Patinkin in A Wild Party on Sunday in the Secret Garden with Mandy.

  • Arnold Kuperstein says:

    Barbara Harris, who had back to back shows on Broadway with ON A CLEAR DAY and THE APPLE TREE and then vanished from the stage. Pity!

  • Fran says:

    Julie Andrews.
    Says it all.
    But the mind keeps working. These are more marketing blurbs than a show title:
    “Broadway’s Alive with the Sound of Julie”
    “I wished she’d sung all night!

    Bring back Julie!!

  • Mary M says:

    Brian Stokes Mitchell: Stokin the Fire

  • Karen Campbell says:

    Patrick Wilson – “Letting It Go”

  • Bobby says:

    I wish I could join in the fun of the Sunday Giveaways but since I am way down in Mississippi it makes that a little difficult. But Ken, I wanted to THANK YOU for doing the Sunday Giveaways even though I am not in NYC. I know you do not have to do the Sunday giveaways but that is just one of the many reasons I am a huge follower of yours. You give back to those in the theatre community that support theatre.

    I could afford the flight up to NYC but could not afford the hotel stay right now so I was not able to see Macbeth. But congrats on it.

    I direct theatre in and around Mississippi and I am planning on moving up closer to NYC to get involved as a Director, Producer, Resident Director, working with a theatre in a professional way. I do have some questions for you but I will send then at another time. Again thank you so much for the Sunday Giveaways.

  • Alina Gutierrez says:

    I actually really would love to see Ramin Karimloo the most. He has the best note placement in the world… Literally my favorite male vocalist on both sides of the Atlantic. I’d love to see him in Love Never Dies because I’d be curious to see how his voice was used, but I’d drop everything to see him as Jean Val Jean again. I was literally speechless.

  • Kyle Abraham says:

    Steve Kazee: Raw and Alive

  • Ronald Kustina says:

    Another Phantom alum who has paid his dues is Hugh Panero who I first saw in Side Show. This summer I saw him at the Muny with Norm Lewis in Les Miz and he was the best. He has been on Broadway in Phantom forever and with his great interpretation and emotion he would shine in a cabaret setting.

  • Meg R. says:

    Julie Andrews, even though I know she doesn’t really sing anymore. It could be called “Julie Andrews Sings the Phone Book.”

    I don’t actually care what she’d sing. She could sing the phone book. I’d still pay to go.

  • ECP says:

    Imelda Staunton has been wowing West End auds for years in Sondheim musicals and other productions. I love the 1992 movie “Peter’s Friends” (should be a stage musical, Mr. Producer!). At one point she and a group of old University pals (Hugh Laurie, Emma Thompson, Kenneth Branagh, etc.), gathered together for New Year’s, drift to a piano and sing Jerome Kern’s “The Way You Look Tonight.” Sweet harmony, swell moment. That’s what I want to see and hear and feel:
    Imelda Staunton & Friends.

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