Fun on a Friday: Pre-Pubescent Teens Break Bad . . . and Sing About It.

There’s some VHS footage of me out there somewhere performing in my middle school musical.  I’ve been trying to track it down and destroy it for years.  It involves me wearing a grey wig and some beard make-up, and if you look close you can actually see me counting myself in before starting a song.

There’s something awesomely embarrassing about middle school musicals, which YouTubers Rhett&Link have tapped into with their Middle School Musical series.

Their latest edition?  Why, since everyone’s talking about Breaking Bad, why not do a Middle School Musical about it!  (Producing tip: A quick way to attract attention is to produce content that is related to what people are already talking about (e.g. The Best Man during the year of a presidential election)).

Enjoy it.  And happy fun summer Friday!


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