Sharing helps sell . . . with stats to back it up.

A great new study was released on Tuesday from ShareThis that “provides insights into the relationship between online sharing of movie related content and movie ticket purchases.”

The bottom line take-away from the study was that consumers who share movie content are 6x more likely to buy movie tickets.

In other words, people that share, buy . . . a lot.

What does that mean to you?  Well, it gives us a smaller target audience to focus on (especially if you have a small budget).  If this research parallels the theater biz (and I have to think it’s pretty close), then if you can find users that share theater content, they are going to be much more likely to buy a ticket to your show.  Simple.

And, more globally, if we can get people who aren’t sharing theater content to start sharing theater content, then they may start to purchase more frequently as well.

Good stuff, right?  Simple actionable items based on quality research.

As I said, this study just came out on Tuesday, but something tells me our smart friends at The Shubert Org and Telecharge got an advance peek because look at this new Telecharge website that I stumbled on today.  It’s called and it gives you points and eventually prizes for . . . yep, sharing content.  Pretty cool, right?  It’s a fantastic idea, although I still think an actual cash based affiliate program, like what has turned into the monster that it is, would be the best way to 1 – get Broadway content out in the world, 2 – sell tickets, and 3 – defeat scalpers.  (The Shubes are on a website releasing roll these days, with getting a release this week as well – which I think is an attempt to compete with crush

You can read the full study here.  But it all comes down to what your Mom taught you when you were two.  When people share, both sides win.


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  • If the Broadway audience were into social networking like movie audiences apparently are, maybe there would be some validity to this. The typical Broadway ticket buying demographic is not active on social networking sites. Probably a non-starter.

  • Samuel Gelman says:

    I would have to disagree with the above comment. While I admit that I’m a musical fanatic and so are some of people I tend to hang out with online. We tend to draw in family,friends and neighbors into our passion. We share information via twitter/facebook/instagram.

  • lynn says:

    Sharing establishes a connection which makes one feel a part of the action. When you share with us, I feel as if I’m part of the production. Perhaps sharing part of the mystery of theatre – backstage tours, mini seminars or articles about challenges faced and solved, tips and tricks,or how the everyday person can be a part of the theatre – will reach more and increase the discussions.

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