Who won the tickets to see Ramin Karimloo?

Reading through your suggestions for one-man/woman shows (and their titles – “50 Shades of Joel Grey”) all at once gave me an idea.

What if . . .

Wait . . . I’m going to hold off on this one.  Give me a couple days to think through this a little bit more and I promise I’ll blog about it next week.  

Besides, you don’t want to read about my crazy, hair-brained ideas on a Saturday!  You want to find out who won the tickets to see Ramin Karimloo!

Congratulations to . . .


Email me William, as quick as you can, because time is running out for you to see Ramin at SubCulture.  And from what I hear, you don’t want to miss it.

And stay tuned for a harebrained idea for the cabaret world from me next week.


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