Who won the tickets to Snapshots?

Busker Alley, The Prince of Grand Street, Me and Juliet . . . Lots of great ideas for revivals in this week’s giveaway.  Someone should send the list to Encores.  Or better, one of you should start your own Encores or produce one of these suckers yourself!

(When I was just starting out as a Producer, I used to look through the MTI and Sam French catalogs like they were J Crew catalogs, shopping for a show to do . . . just to do something . . . it’s how I stumbled on little known shows like Is There Life After High School? and Three Guys Naked from the Waist Down . . . which are both perfect for new Producers looking to do a small showcase, by the way.)

Congratulations to Emily Herschbein!  You won the tickets to see Snapshots!

Email me to get your tickets.  And enjoy your time at Goodspeed!


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