NBC is alive . . . with the sound of musicals.

I have a man crush on Bob Greenblatt.

I first met him back in the day, when he was still at Showtime, and producing 9 to 5 in his spare time (I mean, that’s a seriously successful multi-tasker).  And then, in ’11, he got the call to run one of the biggest television networks in the galaxy . . . NBC.

And he didn’t forget us.

He’s been pushing musical content on national television ever since.

His biggest musical endeavor was the ill-fated, but the get-an-A-for-effort series known as Smash.  The unfortunate demise of that show would have sent any studio exec. running to medical and cop dramas for the rest of his career.

But not Bob.  Which is why he has won my heart.

In May, NBC (under Bob’s direction) announced a televised version of Sound of Musicstarring Carrie Underwood and produced by two of our other great friends in Hollywood, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron.

Oh, and as if doing a three-hour new version of a classic musical on TV wasn’t enough, they are doing it live.

Cuz that’s what theater is all about, right?

So set your TIVOs/DVRs and other recording devices now for Dec. 5th.  And in the meantime, watch a lot of other NBC shows too.  The better that network does, the more musicals we’ll see televised in the future.

And remember how I said we need new ways to distribute our content if we’re going to reverse those trends I graphed last Friday?

Yeah, so, like, um, this is one of them.

Thanks to my new man-friend, Bob.


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  • Michael DiGaetano says:

    I’ve known Bob even before that when he was at Fox. Great guy!

  • Daniel Kilby says:

    Now they just need to commission new works, like in the olden days when we got things like the R&H Cinderella and the Cole Porter Alladin. But I can’t see that happening for a while.

  • Marcia Rodd says:

    LOVED “SMASH”. Am so sorry it’s not being renewed. Hope he gets great ratings for SOUND OF MUCSIC.

  • This is definitely good news, pray they get the ratings as then other great musicals may eventually hit the air waves. Early tv, especially dramas, such as Playhouse 90 presentations, for instance, were live, and surely launched many a career. Again, I stress “LIVE” …. nothing more exciting. You need to capture a young musical theater audience, this is indeed the way to go. Thanks NBC!

  • J says:

    I’d be game if it wasn’t reading like he was just trying to give gigs to American idol contestants. First Mcfee and now Carrie underwood. No thank you. Why are we not giving these parts to, I dunno, broadway actors????

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