Think we’ve got a lot of names above our titles?

The Butler Producer Names on BroadwayLast week, Mark Gordon and Hawk Koch, the Presidents of The Producers Guild (the Hollywood version of The Broadway League), called the 40+ names of Producers on The Butler “embarrassing for everyone within our community.”

A little harsh, wouldn’t you say, Mark and Hawk?

In their defense, they did go on to say that they understood why it happens in today’s “economic climate” (I would pay a lot of money to have that phrase removed from the current vernacular).

You can read a full report on this story here.

This discussion has officially bored me.

Here’s the bottom line:

Do I think it is aesthetically and logistically simpler to have just a handful or heaven forbid, just one name above a title?

You betcha.

But if that means that certain projects . . . like The Butler, which is a story that needs to be told, or Spring Awakening, which challenged our audiences with what type of stories could be musicalized, happens as opposed to not happens, then who the eff cares how many names are above a title?  And putting the art aside for a moment, think about the jobs are created when any project gets done.

We’re artists.  And entrepreneurs.

And the best ones make their projects happen.  By any names necessary.

Congratulations to all the Producers on The Butler.


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  • Edwin Rojas says:

    I fight with myself over details like this all the time, but the reality is that the paying audience doesn’t notice or care. They just want a great and entertaining show.

  • Alexa says:

    I hope The Butler wins an Oscar so we can see them all pile onto the stage. I think it comes down to if it’s good or not. If it is, who cares how many people were involved? If it isn’t, maybe that’s one of the problems.

  • Katherine says:

    I love, love, love your healthy outlook on Theatre and Life in general, Ken! Mark and Hawk should subscribe to your blog.

  • Josh says:

    Of course, all those old, rich, white people do look a little silly bumbling around on the Tonys stage, NOT following the directions that the announcer gave to stand off to the side…

  • Bill says:

    It bugs me that someone who knows almost nothing about what a producer does can say in their bio that they’ve won 5 Tony Awards and that when you have lunch with them you discover that they know absolutely nothing about the theatre or the process – they wrote a check and they went to some ad meetings. They used to be called Angels andnow they should be called “knats”.

  • IF it really is distracting from the art, the producers could check their egos and not have their names above the title. A producer’s page in a program would be sufficient…
    After all, as the man said…”the PLAYS the thing…”

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