Overheard at Angus Volume XV: As Huey Lewis used to say, “I wanna new drug.”

broadway viagraWas at a Broadway watering hole this weekend, and I swear to David Merrick, I heard this exact exchange from two Producing Peers:

Producer #1:  Congrats on the opening of your show.

Producer #2:  Thanks.  I’m exhausted.

Producer #1:  I hear ya.  Just opened XXXX.

Producer #2:  I know.  Congrats on the great reviews.

Producer #1:  Thanks.  Remember when that was enough?  Now that’s only half of it.  Market this, market that.  What the $#@$ is Yelp anyway?

Producer #2:  It’s where people with anger management issues go instead of therapy.

Producer #1:  I’d prefer they go to you-know-where.

Producer #2:  If only they had Viagra for shows.

Producer #1:  What?

Producer  #2:  Help to get it up.  And help to keep it up.

Only on Broadway, kids.  Only on Broadway.


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  • Alexis Marnel says:

    Freakin’ Fabulous – can’t make this s*** up. And if one more social media tool is released that I have to stay on top of, then,YES I will WANT a NEW DRUG

  • Fran says:

    I love overheard conversations. I was in CA about ten years back. My brother and I went to see a community production of Madwoman of Chaillot. I thought it was terrible, but was wondering if I just being too hard, so at intermission I walked around the lobby eavesdropping. I heard the following:

    Girl: Tell me where you’re taking me afterwards.
    Male Date: Why?
    Girl: So I have something to look forward to during Act 2.

  • Fred Landau says:

    LOL, excellent story – and in a way recalls the London critic who described Nicole Kidman as something like “theatrical Viagra” when she did THE BLUE ROOM!!!

    Remembering some infamous classics from audience members:

    At RENT intermission:
    “I really love it, but can you tell me again, why shouldn’t they have to pay their rent?”

    At the brilliantly intellectual HAPGOOD:
    – “Sir, that sign says gunshots will be heard at this performance.”
    – “Yes, that’s correct.”
    – “Why only at this performance?”

    At THE HEIRESS, during a second act scene change, spoken loudly enough to cut through the (relative) quiet, as if making a breathless discovery:
    “You see, Mildred, she’s an heiress.”

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