Size doesn’t matter . . . but it helps.

Filippo's Pizza George Street PlayhouseI’ve been spending a lot of time in the fraternity-filled town of New Brunswick, New Jersey these past couple of weeks, rehearsing / teching / opening Gettin’ The Band Back Together at The George Street Playhouse.

Part of my tech ritual is to find the best pizza shop within walking distance of the theater, and drown myself in pepperoni.  A slice a day keeps the bad reviews away, that’s what I say.

The best slice near the George Street Playhouse (and perhaps in all of Middlesex County) is just a block away at Filippo’s.  Filippo’s menu is pretty standard pizza place fare, with pizza, pasta, wings, and more.

But they’ve added a specialty item to that menu that you can see in the photo in this blog.  Filippo’s is home to “The Monster Pie,” which is a 26″ pizza that sells for just $22.

I spoke to the proprietor at Filippo’s who told me those Monster Pies really move.  “People love getting the big one,” he said to me (please refrain from “That’s what she said” jokes).   But not only do they sell, they also encourage conversation.  Do a quick Google search of reviews for Filippo’s and you’ll find articles like this one, that mention the Monster Pie.

Whether we like it or not, size can make you stand out.  Whenever you build the biggest of anything in this country world , whether that’s a skyscraper, a ball of twine, a pizza, or yes, even a musical, people are going to want see it . . . or eat it.

So yes, making something the biggest is an easy way to get you a bigger audience.  It’ll get people coming in the door.  But making something the best is what gets them coming back.


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