The Sunday Giveaway: Two Tickets to Fuerza Bruta Off Broadway!


People ask me what works in today’s challenging Off Broadway environment all the time.  And my answer is always one word:  unique.

And that would explain why Fuerza Bruta, from the creators of another show with a name that no one knew what it meant (De La Guarda), has been running at the Daryl Roth Theatre for 6 (!) years.

Alas, all unique things must come to an end, and FB just announced that their final NYC performance will be on January 5th, 2014.  That leaves only a few weeks left for you to see the show, if you haven’t seen it already.

And we’re going to get one of you in there for free.

Here’s how you can win two tickets to see Fuerza Bruta:

Let’s face it.  It’s a weird name.  But a unique one, right?  As much as I’m a believer in choosing a title that tells your customers what you’re about, if you’re courageous and powerful enough, sometimes the opposite works (e.g. Google).

And what the heck does it mean anyway?

Well, you’re going to tell me.  Come up with your own unique definition of Fuerza Bruta, and then use it in a sentence, and you’ll be entered to win.  Need an example?

Fuerza Bruta (noun):  A frozen beverage featuring cheap champagne and tang.  ex. “Oh man, I got so wasted on Fuerza Brutas last night, I threw up orange all morning.”

And yes, this could be my most random contest ever.  And the most fun.

Happy defining!


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  • Carolyn says:

    Fuerza Bruta (proper noun): A rare breed of Icelandic sheep, known for its wiry, coarse wool. Ex. Sven finally got the sheep dung off his boots using an ice-scraper made of expensive Fuerza Bruta wool.

  • Bryan Austermann says:

    Fuerza Bruta (verb): A brutal forking.
    He tried to steal one of my potatoes, so I gave him a good fuerza bruta!

  • Literally, “the ugly chill.” In psychological
    parlance, the final step before the totally catatonic state, as in, “I thought he was just
    being grumpy and quiet, never suspecting that
    fuerza bruta had set in, but then, it rapidly advanced to the irreversible state.”

  • Carl says:

    1. On TV stations in Brazil, Popeye asks about his muscle-bound nemesis. “Fuerza Bruta?”

    ORIGIN: 1984 advertisement for Wendy’s. Literally, “Where’s The Beef?” in Portuguese. Hence, idiomatically, “Where is Popeye’s arch-rival?”

  • nancy cohen says:

    Strong Moxie… “oh that Salvatore, he’s really Fuerza Bruta… don’t you think?

  • EllenFD says:

    Fuerza Bruta: proper noun–the extra-strength version of the fabled, uber-manly deodorant. The Italian-language commercial was responsible for a rise of 500 percent in the pregnancy rate for Italy in 2011.

  • Paula says:

    Fuerza Bruta-noun: An Italian dessert generally
    made for the Christmas holidays and served with
    espresso. My cousin called and asked if I would
    make my fabulous Fuerza Bruta for the holidays.


    ‘FUERZA BRUTA’ , Puerto Rico’s most celebrated, as well as oldest living Drag Queen, announces her 36th comeback ‘DRESSED TO KILL’ tour, with performances scheduled in 287 Bus & Truck cities across the continental USA, including:

    WASHINGTON, DC – DAR Constitution Hall tickets at


  • Tucker Delaney-Winn says:

    Fuerza Bruta – n. – the act of eliciting a colossal emotional outpouring from an audience, namely, during a theatrical performance.

    Ex. Did you hear about the Kinky Boots performance last night? Billy Porter put on an absolute fuerza bruta! Fans were crying with so much joy they had to stop the performance and hand out handkerchiefs.

  • Nathan Clift says:

    Fuerza Burta: a unique experience that comes once in a blue moon.
    EX: that show is a FUERZA BURTA

  • Fuerza Bruta (verb) to ask directions while in a sketchy neighborhood EX: I was walking very quickly through Newark, pretending I knew where I was going, but finally, I had to suck it up and just Fuerza Bruta.

  • John P. says:

    (Noun) relating to males, eg, “Man that guy has fuerza brutas!”

  • Anna says:

    Fuerza Bruta: Spanish for “Fuzzy Bunny”.

    Merriam-Webster example:
    “On holiday in Spain, my wife & I adopted a Fuerza Bruta for our daughter.”

    Urban Dictionary example:
    “On holiday in Spain, I was asked upstairs after a first date to see her Fuerza Bruta.”

  • Wayne Paul says:

    So, I go into my local bar to drown my everyday sorrows and my bartender friend, Poseidon, says, “Try this, it’s a ‘Fuerza Bruza,’ it’ll turn your world upside-down,” and it DOES.

  • LA Producer says:

    Fuerza Bruza–a malady akin to jock itch but with the scent of roasted almonds.

  • Stephanie Ross says:

    Fuerza Bruta – v. – to use brute force to ensure proper theatre etiquette amongst Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Regional theatre audiences.

    e.g. Two Broadway theatre patrons were loudly eating snacks during a performance, and then left their garbage on the floor afterwards. This left a nearby audience member no choice but to enlist Feurza Bruta, forcing them to clean up after themselves.

  • Fuerza Bruta (verb): to loot, pillage, and invade one’s property in a strong, yet acceptable way where as that one who is being invaded is appreciative of the gesture

    America’s Fuerza Bruta on small country Kringledakequanistan was not surprising, as a large reduction in natural resources and exports made the country not profitable or habitable.

  • Fred Landau says:

    It’s somehow always scanned in my mind to the tune of “Where the boys are” so i guess using it in a sentence would have to be “Fuerza Bruta, Fuerza Bruta, Fuerza Bruta, someone waits for me.”

  • Karen Campbell says:

    Fuerza Bruta: (noun): A deviant group of former Danish fire fighters turned organized crime syndicate, recognizable by their unshaven appearance and orange flannel shirts.
    Commonly known as “fuzzy brutes”.
    ex. “As the axe-wielding fuerza bruta were spotted lumbering out from the wooded area, the townspeople took cover hoping to escape the mayhem that was sure to come.”

  • Keni Fine says:

    Fuerza Bruta (noun): A tender spot near the top of the inner thigh. (Derived from an ancient Mongolian phrase meaning “Fleeting Flower Blossom in Unexpected Late Spring Snowfall”)
    ex. Just when I thought the relationship had run its course, she found and tickled my Fuerza Bruta, provoking a feeling of renewed enthusiasm akin to a Mongolian uprising.

  • Cara says:

    Fuerza Bruta:(noun) an unflattering name for an individual who is unkind, disrespectful, and condescending. Finally I just couldn’t take it anymore. I stood right up in the middle of the staff meeting, looked at my boss and said, “Enough with the micromanagement, you are such a Fuerza Bruta!!”

  • Brian says:

    Fuerza bruta. Slang for fuzzy and brutal. He had to get a body wax because his back had become Fuerza bruta.

  • Fran says:

    Fuerza bruta. (noun). Newest jeans craze.

    Advertising campaign: Nothing comes between me and my fuerza bruta!

  • Travis says:

    Fuerza Bruta (verb): to run on water with extreme speed. ex. “You may have thought that Fuerza Brutaing was difficult, but you haven’t tried it on salt water.”

  • Emely says:

    Fuerza Bruta: As we know the greek theater had its influences on theater. An actor named Brudway came up with a word; Fuerza Bruta. He used to scream the word before he went on stage. The English word is Forever Broadway.

  • Rebecca Black says:

    Fuerza Bruta: Unwanted baby name of movie stars.

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