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This speaks to something you often talk about; there is no relaxing. there is no looking back; only forward. As you told us Hal Prince always did after opening night. He’d take a meeting for the next project. You told us you do the same. I remember Nathan Lane on the day after The Producers opened, took one of the ensemble members and said, “Don’t get caught up in this. In no time at all, they won’t be knocking on our door that hard.” His biggest opening night of his life was followed by his opening in….The Frogs. Success is fickle…for ALL artists. Thanks for today’s post, Ken.


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  • Margie Goldsmith says:

    Ken, I’;m with you — no time to wait. But why even bother to go down into that cold, dank, dark subway station when for just $95 a year, you could take a Citibike and get where you;’re going with both time to think and the ability to move much faster than walking. Come to think of it, there HAS to be a tie-in there — how’s this for a promo? Purchase a Bway ticket and get a free Citibike for the day –and show them a map of all the places they can dock it on Broadway — or send them a link to Citibike maps. Just a thought… (but look at Citibike’s success!)

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