Who won the tickets to La Soirée Off Broadway?

It’s official.

The Circus is an enormous part of American Culture . . . at least among Producer’s Perspective Readers anyway.

In this week’s giveaway, I asked you to comment whether or not you attended the circus at some point in your life.  And even though some of you aren’t big circus fans (thanks to Coulrophobia [fear of clowns] or because you’re not a fan of how the animals are treated), you still went . . . and many times.

A whopping 94% of you attended the circus.

And now we know one of the reasons why the adult circus genre has been successful.  If you’re a fan of something as a kid (sports teams, theater, etc.), that passion and interest is gonna stick with you throughout your adult years as well.

So what circus lover amongst you is going to see La Soirée?

Congratulations to . . . Imani!  You’re in for a treat!  Email me for your tickets!

Just promise me you won’t run away to join the circus after you see the show.  I can’t live with that kind of cliche.


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  • Zanne Hall says:

    As a child I wanted to run away with the circus. I came very close to it when Clyde Beatty/Cole Brothers offered me a “clownship.” I had to make an immediate decision as to whether to continue with college or leave town with CB/C. I’m glad I decided to continue college.

    The only circuses/carnivals I endorse are the non-wild exotic animal ones, like Big Apple or Cirque. I remember a handler once telling me “Chimps are stupid. When they don’t want to perform you have to beat them.” This was (and is) the attitude of Ringlings & others who handle animals. (Bullhooks as elephant “training” (read torture) devices have just been outlawed in Los Angeles.)

    We’re not in the 1800s anymore & do not need to be “wowed” by animals abused for our entertainment. Kuddos to the entire country of Austria for outlawing wild animal circus acts.

  • George says:

    HATE the “circus” – as a kid I went with a bunch of kids and the clowns were SCARY NOT FUNNY! And I was totally ANNOYED at the “3 Rings” concept… but then I am a detailed person and I really hate not being able to concentrate on one thing at one time grrr!

    Tried it again ten years later… same negs

    Tried it again twenty years later (with a date) would have much preferred taking her to a movie or a play or a musical)

    Tried Cirque de Soleil the first year they came out to NYC – the concept fascinated me for about Half a Hour… didn’t have any issue with the whole animals vs people thing (as far as I am concerned, animals in the wild are simply eaten long before those that perform…)

    But BOY talk about “clowns” being scary… in Cirque de Soleil they are NIGHTMARISH!

    Never went to another.

    LOVED Blue Man Group – saw it at least 20 times – if that’s a factor?

    But I really need more of a story to get drawn away from other free time pursuits…

    So count me out of Soiree based on the little I’ve heard about it… in fact, I might have been intrigued UNTIL the word “circus” hit me over the head and most would react to “opera”


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