What do you get the Broadway Lover in your life for the holidays?

BroadwayGiftIn case you haven’t checked the calendar lately, you already missed Hannukah, and Christmas (and the big ol’ Broadway business that comes with it) is only 14 days away!

If you’re behind in your shopping (um, and that would be me), then this post is for you.  It’s a list of my top 10 Broadway holiday gifts for the producer, writer, actor and all around Broadway theater lover in your life.

Here’s your shopping list!

1.  The StageWrite App

This one is a big ticket item ($199.99 in the iTunes store), but it’s a massive time saver . . . especially for the Director/Choreographer or Stage Manager in your life.  No more penciling in blocking or staging.  This app lets you block your show on your iPad . . . electronically.  You can even import set designs!  And you can even track movements and choreography with music and dialogue!  Can you say, “Game Changer?”  Get it here.

2.  The Be A Broadway Star Board Game

Full disclosure, this one’s my creation, but it’s also the hottest selling Broadway gift on Amazon.com so I’d pimp it out even if it wasn’t mine.  It’s super fun, it’s filled with Broadway trivia, and it’s only $29.99.  Supplies are super limited this time of year, so don’t wait until Xmas Eve.  Get it now here.

3.  Beating Broadway

Writers aren’t the only theater professionals that need to understand dramatic structure.  It’s essential that Producers, Directors, Designers and Actors too, comprehend how stories are built, what makes interesting characters and more.  This brand new book by Steve Cuden starts with the basic principles of Joseph Cambell and (my other favorite book) The Writers Journey by Christopher Vogler and tailors it specifically for what we do:  create musicals.  It’s hard to find books that are customized for our unique and niche art form . . . which is why it makes a great gift.  And on Kindle, it’s only $9.99.  Boo ya.

 4.  A ticket to TEDxBroadway

T-Minus two months before the 3rd Annual TEDxBroadway – the sold-out event that gets speakers from all over the world and from all different industries to discuss what’s the best Broadway can be.  Pick up a ticket here.

5.  A Kaffeine Infused Keurig Koffee Machine

I never drank coffee.  And then I started producing.  Theater artists are night owls.  If you’re like me, then after midnight isn’t just the name of a new musical, it’s when you do your best work.  Wouldn’t that best work go with a Cafe Caramel Keurig cup?  I know mine does.  All shapes, sizes and flavors from $77.93.  Drink one up here.

6.  The Untold Stories of Broadway

Coffee books make fantastic holiday gifts.  But let’s face it, most of them don’t ever get cracked open. They just have pretty covers.  Well, you can feel free to judge this book by its cover and its contents.  Read all sorts of secret and sexy stories from Broadway legends including Patti LuPone, Hal Prince and more.  Get it here for $17.63.

7.  “Coin”

I’ve got so many cards in my wallet, I could start a poker game. Credit cards, bank cards, give-me-a-few-bucks-off discount cards, you name it.  Like a great magician, Coin promises to make them all disappear.  I’m so excited about this technology I bought it . . . and it’s not even ready until the summer.  Pre-order it now so your special someone can be the first person on your block to have it.  And if you get it before this Friday, you can save $50.  Order here.

8.  “Producers Do it” T-Shirt

There isn’t a lot of Producer oriented merch out there (there’s an idea for some entrepreneur out there).  But there is this t-shirt twist on the ol’ “Guitar Players do it with a  g-string” type-saying.  See how Producers do it for $32.45 here.

9.  The Carrie Underwood Sound of Music Cast Recording

Even the Twitter haters out there can’t argue with how good Carrie and the A-list Broadway cast of NBC’s Sound of Music sound on this recording. It’s a must for every collection.  Get it for $11.99.

10.  Tickets to Anything!

You knew this one was coming.  Because I do it every year!  Nothing beats tickets as the ultimate theater gift because they are not only what every Broadway theater lover wants (and because they’re so expensive, they’re hard to buy for yourself), but buying tickets helps directly support the theater.  So buy a ticket for a show you love, or get a Telecharge Gift Card or a Ticketmaster Gift Card and let them choose exactly what they want to see . . . on you.

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