Who won the tickets to Cuff Me: The Musical?

One of my favorite comments in this week’s giveaway wasn’t an entry . . . it was a simple parody axiom:  that all parody titles should end in !!!.

Funny stuff, just like all of the entries themselves, which you can read here.  (My favorite, of course, was “Wicked” Pissah.)

But I pick the winners by random, so as not to be influenced by my Massachusetts roots, and that winner is . . . well, it’s uh . . . uh . . . Anonymous?

Yep, Anonymous won.  So Anonymous . . . I assume that you chose to be anonymous because you didn’t want the world to see your name, but if you don’t mind emailing me directly, we’ll set up your seats . . . under any name you want.  🙂  And, I know what the rest of you are thinking, but don’t worry . . . we have a way of (IP Address) confirming the winner.

Three things you can count on:  death, taxes, and another Sunday Giveaway tomorrow!


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