Guess what today is?

It’s a New Year.

It’s a new start.

It’s a fresh beginning.

Don’t dwell on what didn’t go right in 2013 . . . or what you failed to write in 2013 . . . focus on what you are going to do in 2014.

Didn’t follow through on your 2013 resolutions?  Well, boo-hoo, that’s over . . . and it’s time to set new ones.

What do you want to do in 2014?  What do you want to produce?  Write?  Star in?

Now write those resolutions down.  Or better, comment ’em below so everyone can see (it is statistically proven that publicly stated goals are much more likely to be achieved than private goals).

And once you’ve written ’em down, take a little step a day towards making it happen.  Don’t try to do it all at once.  You want to produce a show?  Win a Tony?  Write a new play?  Those are big goals not unlike any other.  For example . . . “I want to lose 15 lbs!”  Well, you can’t do that overnight.  But you can run a mile.  Eat a salad instead of In-N-Out Burger.  You can take little steps towards your goal, and before you know it, all those little steps will add up . . . and you’ll not only reach your goal, you’ll pass it.

What little step can you take today towards your 2014 goal?  Got it?  Good.

Now go out there and take advantage of the New Year that we’re all lucky enough to have.


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  • hi ken — sitting in the airport in ft. lauderdale, trying to access the competition page — but I keep coming back to the home page “Guess What Today Is?” I restarted my computer thinking that might help, but it didn’t. Could they be a problem at your website?

    And did I read it right — the deadline is Friday? One day? My last song took me four months but I’d like to take a stab at it, if I could access that page.


  • Debbie Saville says:

    I would like to publicly announce “Heart of Steel” is set to premiere the 1st weekend in August 2014.

    By this premiere date, it will have been a 3yr journey taking this dream into reality.

    My motto for 2014 comes from a Jackie Gleason quote…

    “And away we go” 🙂

  • GREAT advice! Little steps. We can get so caught up in the overwhelming “bigness” that we just stop before we start! The idea of just little steps towards your goals every day is excellent. OH and keep track of it. Monitor it so you can adjust and control it when you look back at the little steps!

  • Alex Bishop says:

    Totally agree with putting it out into the world. Makes it more real.

    In 2013 I first thought I wanted to become a producer and then that morphed into wanting to become a general manager…but this is 2014 now! So I want to get a job in the Broadway industry. Whether that’s an internship or a real job I won’t know, but it’ll happen this year!

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