My Petition to Move Broadway to a Warmer Climate

Please sign this petition below by putting your name in the comments of this blog in hopes that the Gods of the Broadway Theater will look kindly on our request to move our beloved Broadway Industry to a place where the temperature doesn’t fall below 72 degrees, and where the only snow they have is the dandruff from our aging audience.

Thank you.

  • Marina Barry says:

    Ken I’m with you to a point — but what about those gorgeous NY snow days when everyone is out and in the best mood…… the subway still runs and people love saying they went through a storm to see a Broadway show — even if it’s just a ride on the A train for people like me! And I’d miss the younger audience…..even tho they text during the show!

  • Sharon Gamelli says:

    When I first saw this, I thought it was a humorous quip to get our attention….but why not start a winter Broadway Festival somewhere in paradise where the natives could get some culture and where tired snowbirds could get a reprieve! It could become what Sundance is to film; explore the opportunities, life is all about change. I would try to attend!

  • Drama Teacher says:

    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    Austin, TX
    Savannah, GA
    New Orleans, LA

  • Paula says:

    Are you serious? What would happen to the Big
    Apple? Broadway is in NYC. Set up a sister city
    where shows could be done in its theater district-
    permanent “touring” companies.

  • Tom Hartman says:

    I have an even better idea. Uproot Manhattan from the bottom of the ocean, attach ferries to it and drag it to Florida for the winter where a lot of Manhattanites are anyway. Manhattan becomes the world’s first snowbird city, returning each year to rejoin the buroughs like the swallows rejoin the hoi polloi of San Juan Capistrano. Of course, all condominum owners will be assessed towing fees.

  • Zanne Hall says:

    B’way wouldn’t be B’way on the West Coast – just a smattering of regional theatres with out-of-work TV writers writing for the stage.

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