The Sunday Giveaway: Two Tickets to Avenue Q!

Avenue Q is the little show that could.

And the little show that did.

It started as an Off Broadway show down at the Vineyard, and was one of the first shows to make the strong choice to go big or go home . . . and despite its size and “Off Broadway-like” material it jumped to Broadway.

And there it captured the Best Musical prize over Wicked.

Just when it looked like it was wrapping up its Broadway run, it became the first show to do what you and I always knew was possible . . . and downsize back to Off Broadway, where it has been packing in audiences ever since.

And it just celebrated its 10 year anniversary.

Quite a story, isn’t it?

 Avenue Q is the new Fantasticks.  It’s still as timely as ever, and in my opinion, there wouldn’t be a Book of Mormon without Avenue Q (and that’s only partially because they share an author in the recent Oscar nominee, Bobby Lopez).

What?  You haven’t seen Q?  Or you haven’t seen it Off Broadway?

Well, prepare to be a Q-convert, because one of you is going to go for free!

Here’s how you can win two tickets to Avenue Q:

Everyone knows that Avenue Q features hysterical puppets.  What other musical or play would you like to see told with Puppets?  Pick a show, and then toss in the word “puppet” to the title somewhere, somehow.  For example, The Phantom of the Puppets or The Puppets of the Opera.  (If you want a specific example of this game, check out The Nun Game we played a couple of years ago.)

And go puppets go!


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