Who won the tickets to The Bridges of Madison County on Broadway?

Sometimes I get a lot of entries to our Sunday Giveaways when I come up with a fun contest, like this one that involved nuns (nuns are always funny – priests, not so much).

This week’s Sunday Giveaway contest was to come up with a Bestselling Novel that you thought would make a good Broadway musical.

Fun level?  Eh.  Medium.

But somehow I still got a crap-ton of entries.


Well, there can only be one reason . . . a crap-ton of you really want to see The Bridges of Madison County!  

And all of you will get that chance, because it starts previews in just . . . 6 days!

And one of you will get that chance . . . for free!

And that someone is . . .

Sherri Segall!

Congrats, Sherri . . . you are in for a treat.  Email me to get your tickets.

And for the rest of you . . . go!  And if you go during previews, look for me at the theater and say hi!


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