Network it up . . . with NYMF!

Here’s a thought to keep you warm as we finish up the tail end of this terrible winter . . . it’s time to start thinking about this year’s New York Musical Theatre Festival, which is right around the corner in hot and sweaty July!

The best education any Producer can get is to produce a show.  In fact, I’ve been known to give some potential grad students the following advice:  “Take the money you’d spend on tuition, and produce a show, or two or three . . . you’ll learn more, build a better resume, and maybe get a big fat hit in the process!”  (Don’t tell any of the graduate schools I said that, will ya?).  Nothing beats experience, and that goes for whatever your discipline is:  Producing, Directing, General Managing, etc.

NYMF is one of the premiere places for developing musicals, and it’s also one of the premiere places for developing Producers, Directors, Choreographers and artists of all kinds.  When I see NYMF shows, I’m not only looking for the next big musical, I’m also looking for the next big artist.

And all those NYMF shows are going to be looking for Producers, Directors and Choreographers, oh my, so if you’re one of those (or just want to meet some up-and-coming-writers) now is your chance to get hooked up with one!  Here’s how:

NYMF is throwing its annual Networking Mixer (now do you understand the photo in this blog?) this Saturday, February 22nd from 7:00-9:00 PM at the Fashion Forty Lounge, located at 202 West 40th St., between 7th and 8th aves.

So go!  Meet cool people.  And do a show.  Any show.

That’s exactly what Hal Prince told me to do 15 years ago.  And I wouldn’t be blogging here today if I hadn’t listened to him.

Learn more about the event here.


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– How to Nail Your Audition Workshop on Friday, February 27th.  Click here to register today and start the spring Audition season off right.

– Get Your Show Off The Ground seminar on 3/8.  Register today!

– Win a ticket to TEDxBroadway!  Click here.

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