The Sunday Giveaway: Two Tickets to Murder for Two and the Cast Recording!

Here’s a big giveaway from a small show!

Murder for Two, the critically acclaimed Off Broadway hit, isn’t just giving away tickets.  They’re giving away tickets and a cast recording!  (Whoop!  Whoop!)

Don’t know about Murder for Two?  

Murder for Two is that endangered species – a commercial Off Broadway musical.  And this one has gotta be great, because it’s bucking the trend and still running strong over at New World Stages.  Why is it working?

What works best Off Broadway is unique entertainment, and Murder for Two, directed by Scott Schwartz, features only two actors in a whodunit . . . “one actor investigates the crime and the other plays all the suspects.  And they both play the piano!”

It’s an Olympic feat of theatrical performance.

And you can go for free if you win this week’s giveaway!

Here’s how to win:

There’s another murderous show on Broadway this year that features one actor playing a bunch of roles.  Murder by multiples are in fashion, it seems?

There’s a lot of unique Off Broadway shows out there that use the theatrical conceit of having one actor play many . . . or all of the roles . . . in a show.  Check out One Man Star Wars.  Or The Godfadda Workout.

What musical would you like to see performed by one actor/actress?  Hello Dolly?  Show Boat?

Pick a One Man version of your favorite musical, comment it below and you may win two tickets AND a cast recording to Murder for Two!

(P.S.  Speaking of that cast album, they’re having a cool release party on 2/11 at 4:30 at the Barnes and Noble on 86th and Lex – go and meet the cast!)


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