Who won the ticket to TEDxBroadway?!?

For this week’s giveaway, I asked you to name what you thought Broadway’s biggest obstacle was . . . and you did.  But you know what else so many of you did, which is why I heart you all so much . . . so many of you also mentioned possible solutions to whatever problem it is that you mentioned.

And that’s what producers do . . . solve problems.

So thanks for your positivity.  You all inspire me to keep blogging and keep trying to figure out ways to solve all those issues and more.

But in the meantime, let’s give away a ticket to Monday’s TEDxBroadway!

The winner is . . . (sound of trumpets blaring) . . . Ian Yue!

Congrats, Ian!  Email me and we’ll get you in to Monday’s TEDx!

And everyone else, buy a ticket right this second, because last I heard there were literally 12 left.

See you there!


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