Who won the tickets to Murder for Two and the Cast Recording?

Based on the almost 100 comments on this week’s entry, you guys are loving the concept of 1 (wo)man shows.  Watching great actors show their incredible skills playing different characters is something so unique to the theater.  It’s why I’d put Broadway actors up against Hollywood actors in an acting cage match any day of the week.

But no cage matches today . . . just a winner of the tickets to Murder for Two and its (small) cast recording!

The winner is . . . Fernanda Douglas!

Email me, Fernanda, and we’ll set you up on your murderous night.


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  • Sasha Vosk says:

    Hello Ken:

    This is Sasha Vosk; we spoke about a year and a half ago about my show – the “Paper World” (established, dialog-less, clowning & physical comedy production).
    At the time, when I asked you to join us in the efforts to open the show on Off-Broadway as a General Manager, you told me that you were very busy with other work. Understandably so.

    I was wondering if your situation had changed at this time.

    By now we are well set up legally and otherwise, with a GM being hired.

    Would you consider to produce the show with my and my partner’s assistance?

    The following is a 4min. video to refresh your memory of the show:


    Looking forward to hear from you.
    Would love a chance to work with you.

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