Fun on a Friday: The best cell phone announcement ever.

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the pre-show Cell Phone Announcement.  I love that it gets everyone to shut their phones off (sort-of).  But I hate that it slaps the audience with a “real-world” request right before we ask them to check reality at the curtain.

But we have to do something, because the texting/tweeting/talking that goes on during shows has to be curbed.  And just wait until everyone is wearing Google Glass or Samsung Watches!

One idea of what we could do is in the video below (click this link if you can’t see the vid).  Enjoy it, and enjoy this first Friday of spring!


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  • Kay says:

    It’s “glow” from those d..m smart phones that make me go postal

  • Dayna Kurnitz says:

    Brilliant…the first time I saw Kinky Boots I knew I was going to love it the second Don came out and did his thing (not going to give it away in case anyone in the world has not seen it yet, and shame on them ;))

  • “Rose Rage” several years ago, all the Henry VI
    plays were acted out as a unit, and the killings were symbolized by raw liver being hacked or thrown, and red cabbage whacked, as a head is taken off–well, in that wonderful atmosphere, the cell phone announcement was made in this way:
    A cell phone went off, next to the heads of cabbage, and the actor onstage picked up a cleaver and smashed the cell phone till it stopped ringing. So, a dramatically rendered
    warning that was both vivid and effective.
    Someone found the perfect symbol that time around. And a great production as well!

  • Adam says:

    I like the announcement Woody Harrelson recorded for “Bullet for Adolph”, which he wrote. “You don’t want to be that guy who kills a joke with your cell phone. . . . And you certainly don’t want to be that guy who starts recording the show because I don’t want to be that guy on TMZ tomorrow. I am a pacifist, but I will throttle you.”

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