What is the definition of a Broadway show’s “Nut”?

When discussing the budget of a Broadway show, a “Nut” is the slang word used to describe a show’s weekly operating budget, or how much it costs to put on that show every week.

Want an example?

Broadway Producer #1:  “How much did YOUR SHOW gross last week?”

Broadway Producer #2:  “$1,000,000!”

Broadway Producer #1:  “What’s the nut?”

Broadway Producer #2:  “It’s only $500,000!”

Broadway Producer #1:  “So $500k in profit?  Congrats!”

Make sense?  Now that you know what it is, I wish you lots of low “nuts” and high grosses like the one in this example!

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  • Hayley says:

    I mean thanks for the definition but your example sucks lol. Using your example, the nut could mean either the cost or the profit. At least don’t make them both 500K to avoid confusion.

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