Who won the tickets to Mothers and Sons on Broadway?

That’s it.  You win.

The Mothers and Sons giveaway is now my favorite Broadway ticket giveaway . . .  ever.

To enter, I asked that you reach out, reach out and call a member of your family.  And as I scroll through the list of over 117 names, I can’t help but smile.  You guys made 117 connections this week.  Look, I love the theater, but without sounding too Hallmarky, this family stuff is what life’s really about.

And that, of course, is what Mothers and Sons is also about, as one lucky reader is about to find out.

Congratulations to . . . S. Allison!

You win!  Email me to get your tickets.

I picked Allison at random, but I couldn’t help notice her comment which was . . .

I talk to my mom every day, but instead I called my dad.

And I bet he loved it.

Oh, and I know we’re all busy.  But if you find five minutes today, remember, you don’t need a ticket giveaway as a reason to call someone you love.


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  • I know its over but I talk to both my parents several times a week–I look up at the sky or at something that reminds me of them and I smile and make a joke and I see them looking down at me from on high-smiling back at my coo coo humor!!I always made the laugh.

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