Who won the tickets to The Bardy Bunch?

I don’t know about you, but I laugh every time I say, “The Bardy Bunch!”

And I also laughed about a hundred other times at your suggestions for sitcom characters as the leads in Shakespeare plays.

Who knew Michelle Tanner from Full House would make a murderous Lady Macbeth?  Or Norm from Cheers as Falstaff?  But Mr. Ed as Julius Caesar?  That’s just weird.  Someone get PETA on the phone.  (Read the rest of ’em here.)

While you’re dialing, let me announce that the winner of the two tickets is . . .

Donna Gronda!

Email me to set up your Shakespearean seats, Donna!

And a giveaway worth almost $500 tomorrow!  So tune in!


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  • Steve Garvey says:

    Steve Garvey here, writer of “The Bardy Bunch.” Thank you, Ken, and a big groovy shout-out to everyone who sent along their suggestions! I had quite a giggle over my morning coffee last week reading them! Congrats, Donna Gronda! As it turns out, we have a lot of Macbeth to offer in our show! We’ll see you there!

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