Words of Wisdom from the Wall at SpotCo.


I walked into the offices of SpotCo (one of the Big Three Broadway ad agencies) on Tuesday for a Gettin’ The Band Back Together artwork meeting, and I noticed something different . . .

Where there used to be nothing but a plain ol’ boring wall, there is now a brand spankin’ new art installation, with the name of the company at its center.  (See photo!)

But it wasn’t the light bulb bespeckled title treatment that got me, it was what surrounded it.

The Principals at the agency put their heads together, probably over some good snacks (that will make sense in a second), and came up with 10 Axioms . . . or 10 Things They Believe In.

The owners of every business, the leaders of every government, and any married couple actually (!), should take a moment to do the exercise that SpotCo did . . . and come up with a list of what they believe are the keys to success in their field.  It’s not just a mission statement . . . it’s a list of 10 Commandments.

And what I love about Spot, is that they went a little further with their exercise, and put their commandments on a damn wall.

By making their commandments public, and right in front of every current and potential client who walks in the door, they are saying, “Hey, this is who we are and what we believe in . . . and we’re proud of it.”  What they are also subtly saying is, “Hey, if this isn’t who you are and what you believe in . . . then we might not be the right fit for you.”

Imagine if everyone you met . . . from potential business partners to potential life partners, wore a list of their 10 Commandments on their shirt for you to read when you met them.  It would make it a lot easier to decide who to “work” with, don’t you think?

I’m going to list SpotCo’s 10 Things below, because in addition to loving the exercise, I also love what they have to say.

Read them . . . and then tell yourself, and then tell the world . . . what are your 10 Commandments?  What does your Business believe in?

What we believe in.
1.  Embrace your strengths, solve your weaknesses.
2.  Good relationships produce good work.
3.  Enthusiasm is contagious. 
4.  Posters are for home offices, campaigns are for hits.
5.  Everything works better when everything works together.
6.  Research helps.
7.  Pierce the veil of consumer indifference.
8.  You can’t manufacture success but you can grow it.
9.  We spend your money as if it were our own.
10. Good snacks produce the best thinking.  (I told you it would make sense later.)


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  • So perfect! I have always tried to practise some of the ten.But now I am printing it out and hanging it over my office desk to be read -re read and read again!


  • The Broadway ad agencies sure know their customers. It’s the producers,of course. Non specific bromides are great for hanging on a wall, but they don’t sell tickets.

    SpotCo has worked hits, and flops. Did their work, or any agency’s work, turn the tide at all? Of course not. Hits weren’t created, and flops weren’t prevented.

    The ad agencies are great for selling, and lucky for them, producers are buying.

  • Ken Wydro says:

    #10 a (or 11)

    Teamwork makes the dream work.

    But it is also true that SPOTCO needs something good to sell.

    Big ad money is not going to sell a dull show

  • If you have to talk yourself into it,
    get out of it.

  • John Maday says:

    I’m director/producer of live television and made hundreds of commercials over my 45 yr career. I went by the 6 P’s I …’proper prior planning..prevents poor production’

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