Announcing the first ever Ghostlight Awards – for the people behind the curtain.

It takes hundreds of people to put on one Broadway show.  But only a max of a few dozen are ever seen on a stage.

The rest of ’em are backstage, offstage, in orchestra pits and in dressing rooms.  They are in box offices, in SM offices and perched up high on fly rails.  And without ’em, Broadway wouldn’t happen eight times a week.

These are the folks whose names aren’t on marquees or on the title pages of your
Playbill.  And there has never been an award celebrating what they do.

Until now!

Yep, after a big time Broadway investor put a bug in my ear about honoring the people behind the people some time ago, I’m finally proud to announce the Ghostlight Awards – The Awards For The People Behind The Curtain.

We’re going to look for Broadway’s best Stage Door Person, Box Office Treasurer, Usher, Dresser, Company Manager,  and everything in between (a full list is up on the link below).   And we’re going to post those names here for everyone to see.

Here’s how it’s going to work.  We’re asking you . . . all you folks out there who know those people working in the Broadway Theaters  . . .  to pick your nominees.  Anyone working on a show that ran in the 2013-14 season (still open or not) is eligible.  (That means that people working on Phantom are just as eligible as a person who worked on First Date or a person who is currently working on Violet.)  Based on the number of suggestions we get, we’ll announce the slate of nominees.  And then, you’ll vote for who wins.

It’s pretty simple.  And way overdue.

Actors, Designers, Directors, Producers . . . there are awards for all those guys already.  The Ghostlight Awards are for everyone else.

I hope you’ll show your support for all of ’em by nominating your favorite backstage or front of house employee by clicking here!  The nominations close on May 11.

Nominate for the Ghostlight Awards today!


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  • Sierra says:

    This is the most exciting thing. I was just thinking the other day that I wish there were a way to publicly honor the people I know who work “behind the curtain” as it were.

    • jon jordan says:

      so awards for all these people who work backstage dressers ,stagehands,ect..and not hairdressers or makeup artists?why is that?

  • Mike says:

    Kind of crappy you left out merchandise and concessions. They work just as hard and make more money for the companies.

    • ScottNY says:

      Merch, concessions, ushers, ticket takers, Box office are all FOH. Have an awards show for the folks out front as well. Very different work from what we do. I couldn’t do what you all do, I’d end up punching a customer.

  • Sara says:

    You should add a category for Props people, they shouldn’t get lumped into the “stagehand” category.

  • JWB says:

    I hope this idea spreads

  • Jane says:

    Best sound guy in Arizona, hands down. Robin Plummer.

  • Bobby says:

    Outstanding…..A long overdue recognition. If they were not there the show could not go on. That one thing I as a director appreciate. I have worked every position in front of the house and backstage and I know what they do to make a show shine. Standing O for this. Don’t forget about House Managers, ushers, concession, props, makeup, lights,merchandise, and stage door. Whatever you do make sure you have a complete list for every area.

  • Jaz Dorsey says:

    This is too brilliant, Mr. Davenport.

  • Wilhemina Paulin says:

    That’s a great idea. Those behind the scenes folks work hard to make everybody else look good. I like your spirit Ken Davenport.

  • Kaitlyn says:

    Its about freakin’ time! Longgggggggggggg overdue for the backstage people to get some recognition. I think people forget that the people behind the stage are just as important as those on the stage. A show couldn’t run without the stage hands to help. I’m super glad to see this is happening.

  • BB says:

    no award for hair and makeup artists? I hope you’re not lumping them into the dresser category since it’s an entirely separate thing and even a separate union!

  • Joe Valentine says:

    Remember to include the child guardians. They work to keep Annie and Matilda and all the other child stars on cue and on stage, not to mention keeping the parents in check.

  • Thomas Heath says:

    Hi Ken… Good for you for wanting to invest your valuable time in recognizing many of these unsung heroes. It’s impossible to please everyone with which categories make sense, but please don’t let that deter you. This is a noble, honorable pursuit and everyone should rally around the idea… Thanks in advance for your hard work and vision.

  • Haley Harrington says:

    This is awesome.

  • Carla Dawson says:

    I believe the front of house staff works just as hard as everyone else in the theater sometimes harder! Ushers, merchandise, and concessions work so hard to keep the patrons happy. Please consider that they are also part of the Broadway theatre Scene.

  • Jonathan B says:

    Jessica Dermody, Wardrobe Queen!

  • John says:

    No Wardrobe Supervisor? No Hair Supervisor? If you’re putting everyone into one category you should call it WARDROBE, not “dresser”

  • Gail Eve Malatesta says:

    Thanks Ken. I have often thought about this and I’m glad you have taken it under your wing.

  • Ellen says:

    Kenny McDonough crew boss Radio City- Formally head carpenter at The Booth
    Sean Quinn Stage hand
    Carie Krammer- stage hand -props
    Cooper Jordan Usher
    Joseph Trania Cort Theatre Manager
    Among the many hundreds of wonderful folks.

    Great idea Ken!

  • pearl says:

    Office workers in the trenches all day. Assistants to producers and general managers. Receptionists. Press assistants.

  • tiffany lynch says:

    TJ D’Angelo!

  • Rich Roth says:

    T.J. D’Angelo -BEST USHER

  • Lucy Tyrrasch says:

    Thelma Laretta Pollard – Best Make-up Artist ever!
    She does amazing work.

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